How to make repairs in the kitchen? Kitchen Repair Ideas

The kitchen is a practical utility room. Every housewife wants to see him also beautiful. How to make repairs in the kitchen to translate all your ideas and get the perfect result?

What you need to consider when planning a repair?

The kitchen has many features that affect the installation process. DIY repair of the kitchen is possible with proper planning and accounting utilitarian functional load of the room.

  • The kitchen is often high humidity and sudden changes in temperature.
  • The room requires compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards, and therefore requires frequent cleaning.
  • It is necessary to think about the style of the kitchen - after all, it should be beautiful, please the eye of the hostess.
  • Be sure to take into account the area of ​​the room: a large space allows experiments, and a small one requires ingenuity, which will visually enlarge it and make it more practical.
  • Consider the type of repair work.

Inexpensive kitchen renovation

Overhaul and redecoration: what's the difference?

How to make repairs in the kitchen, in which everything literally falls apart? This situation is often faced by someone who has bought an apartment from a secondary housing stock. The best way out is a major overhaul.

What operations does it include?

  • Dismantling the old finish.
  • Replacing pipes and plumbing equipment.
  • Draft trim walls, ceiling, floor.
  • Preparation for finishing work.
  • Giving a style to the room and a fine finish.
  • Cleaning

If with communications and plumbing everything is in order, but you are tired of the color of the walls or you want to replace the wallpaper, floor tiles, you can just refresh the interior. Make-up kitchen with their own hands to make easier. Most often, it does not require special skills.

Cosmetic repair is a set of operations that imply updating the external appearance of the room. This may be the replacement of wallpaper, flooring, ceiling trim. Renovation of the kitchen, the design of which went out of fashion, can be made with the help of specialists. Such work is recommended once every 5-8 years.

How to start a kitchen renovation?

Repair of any premises begins with the development of a design project.What it is? A design project is a plan for all repairs: financial expenses, the calculation of the required building materials, the development of the style and design of the room.

To make it can help a specialist. In addition, ideas for the repair of the kitchen can be gleaned from specialized literature, "borrow" from friends and acquaintances.

How to make repairs in the kitchen

The design project of the kitchen includes the preparation of sketches and drawings of the future appearance of the room. This takes into account measurements, the likely placement of partitions, the layout of the furniture. The sketch can be done manually or by technical means.

The next step is an architectural project. It reflects a sketch plan, linking to the sanitary equipment, the scheme of "warm floor", ceilings, partitions, the calculation of materials for decoration, the scheme of movement of utilities.

Getting Started to Repair: First Steps

How to make repairs in the kitchen? First of all, it is necessary to free the room from furniture and equipment. We are considering a major overhaul option, so it is necessary to dismantle the old finish. The room should be freed from all unnecessary.

After that, it is recommended to replace windows. First, it is dusty work.Secondly, drafts are unacceptable for subsequent works with walls and ceilings, therefore it is required to install a new window, lock it and close with polyethylene.

The next step is the replacement of electrical wiring and plumbing equipment. It is recommended to put new pipes in the kitchen and in the bathroom at the same time. At this stage, the installation of new radiators, if necessary.

How to choose materials for finishing the kitchen?

Repair the kitchen in Khrushchev

If you are doing the repair of the kitchen with your own hands, it is worth considering that building materials should be easy to handle. If you have special skills, there are more choices. What should be the construction and finishing materials for the kitchen?

  • Moisture resistant, since there is high humidity in the room, frequent cleaning is carried out.
  • Wear-resistant - it is also associated with the need for sanitation and constant maintenance of the kitchen.
  • Qualitative. It is not recommended to be greedy and save on the quality of finishing materials - the confidence that they will last a long time and reliably is much more important.
  • Aesthetic - it will give the opportunity to create a stylish interior.

In addition, you must consider the style in which the kitchen will be executed.

The choice of building materials and design

Kitchen renovation design

The style of the interior to a certain extent dictates the requirements for building materials:

  • Classic - wood, natural stone, metal.
  • Modern - wood, mosaic decor, metal.
  • High-tech - glass, metal, plastic.
  • Constructivism - plastic, metal, wood, glass.
  • Country, country style - wood, stone, metal.
  • Minimalism - plastic, wood, metal. The main thing is nothing extra, no decor.
  • Urban style - allows you to use any materials that are available and convenient for the owners of the apartment. Appeared recently, has no clear rules.

The main requirement is that the materials should emphasize the peculiarities of the style and make the kitchen a utilitarian room. It should be borne in mind that the finish must meet the requirements set out in the previous paragraph.

Fine finishing of the ceiling and walls

How to make repairs in the kitchen? Finishing starts from the ceiling, then works with walls and floor are carried out.

Kitchen Repair Ideas

Variants of the ceiling design: paint with special paint, install a tension structure, paste over with wallpaper or polypropylene plates.The choice of finishing method depends on your wishes, financial possibilities and technical features of the room.

DIY kitchen repair

The walls of the kitchen can be: paint, paste over with wallpaper or special panels, use tiles. Wallpapers can be ordinary, vinyl, washable. Popular options that are designed for subsequent staining. These wallpapers can be painted several times, they are well amenable to wet cleaning.

They use tiles for decoration, but it’s totally out of fashion to lay out all the walls with it. The tile is used for decoration of the working area. At the peak of popularity - glass aprons. These are stylish panels that can be decorated with a pattern or create a volumetric effect. Special lighting makes them even more attractive. Made of tempered glass.

Floor finishes

Inexpensive kitchen renovation

Building materials for finishing the kitchen floor must be durable and reliable. What to choose?

  • Tile. A practical option, easy to clean, presented in various designs, but poorly endures mechanical damage. It is combined with the "warm floor" system.
  • Linoleum. Economically, there are many options for textures and patterns, durable material. It is better to use a commercial type of linoleum.
  • Laminate. Conventional use is not recommended - it does not tolerate moisture. There is a special type that can be used in rooms that are often subjected to wet cleaning. This is a stylish, beautiful, affordable flooring.
  • Parquet, wood - not recommended. Do not tolerate excessive moisture, require special care.
  • Bulk floors - the most modern and very practical option. Well amenable to cleaning. Do not require pre-screed floor. The disadvantage is quite high cost.

Features of the repair of a small kitchen

If the kitchen area in the apartment is more than 9 square meters. m. - this is great! You can create almost any design. But the repair of the kitchen in Khrushchev requires:

  • Careful design of the arrangement of furniture.
  • The choice of materials that will help to visually increase the space.
  • Developing a design that will allow dinner in the kitchen for the whole family without embarrassment.
  • Arrangement of equipment and furniture so that it is convenient.

The most functional option for repairing a small kitchen is redevelopment - merging with the next room, creating a studio. It creates a sense of free space.Renovating a small kitchen (photo) demonstrates a way to completely redevelop a one-room apartment for the comfort of a two-person family.

Repair a small kitchen photo

What will help make a small kitchen more?

  • The use of light, not massive furniture.
  • More glass items.
  • Less closed doors and drawers - better open shelves.
  • More light and light colors.
  • Do not abuse bright colors. They can be used as a color accent.
  • Less coarse massive decor.
  • Refer to the style of minimalism, constructivism, modern or country.

Repair the kitchen in Khrushchev

Financial costs of work depend on the selected materials, the style of the interior. Make an inexpensive kitchen renovation will help competently drawn up a design project that will avoid unnecessary expenses.

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