How to make roses from leaves?

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How to make roses from leaves?

In autumn there are beautiful autumn leaves everywhere: yellow, orange, red. It is a pity that such beauty disappears. However, from these leaves you can make a lot of crafts, for example, a bouquet of roses! If you are interested in this topic, then we will tell you in detail how to make roses from leaves. This unusual bouquet can be made in just a couple of hours, and it will become an unusual decoration in your home.

How to make roses from maple leaves

Usually, maple leaves are used to make a bouquet, and it is from them that you start to make roses better. Maple leaves are quite large, so it is convenient to work with them. When you gain experience, you can take the leaves of other trees, for example, aspen or birch, from which you can get beautiful small roses.

For a bouquet of maple leaves you will need an armful of maple leaves, scissors and thread.

Walking through the park in the fall, collect maple leaves. Do not take too small, dried, torn, dirty.For one rose, it is better to choose leaves of one shade. To keep leaves from curling, needlewomen are advised to iron them between sheets of paper with an iron.

  1. Take a sheet of maple, bend it in half, facing out. Roll the leaf into a tight roll - this will be the core of our rose.
  2. Next, start laying the petals around the core. Take a larger sheet, fold it across and wrap a core around it. In the same way, attach the next petal, but place it on the opposite side from the first.
  3. For each next petal, try to find a larger sheet.rose flowersize. Keep making the rose until it reaches the desired size. The more maple leaves you use, the more luxurious your rose will be.
  4. Bottom tightly fasten our rose threads. You can find a few small branches in the park and make them stems for roses. For the green bouquet can also use maple leaves. You can find more green or red, it all depends on your imagination.

Using the algorithm described above, make as many roses as you want. The needlewomen are advised to lubricate the finished flowers with vegetable oil using a brush.So the flowers will last longer, do not dry out and do not lose their beauty.

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