How to make skin elastic?

All women dream of beautiful and elastic skin. Many believe that after forty years it is impossible to achieve a healthy-looking skin. In fact, resilience largely depends not on age-related changes, but on the state of blood circulation, production of collagen and elastin, metabolism and general body tone. In our article we will consider all the existing variety of products in order that the skin is elastic and young.

Basic tools for skin elasticity

In order to make the skin elastic, there is a whole range of different activities:

  1. Masks from folk remedies. These are usually the ingredients that can always be on hand in the kitchen:
    • dairy products (from natural cow or goat milk, as well as from cottage cheese with honey);
    • oatmeal (soaked in milk or yogurt flakes smeared on the skin);
    • honey (usually the body is smeared with honey in the sauna, which is especially effective after pregnancy);
    • potatoes (you can put your hands in the water, where the potatoes were boiled; you can smear the skin with gruel from potatoes, cooked in uniform; you can use raw potatoes for swelling and irritation);
    • beans (with a spoon of olive oil and lemon juice, chopped beans serve as a good skin mask);
    • yeast (by adding milk, we get an excellent face mask);
    • almonds (masks made from almond chips or almond oil);
    • vinegar (diluted with water, grape, apple or lemon vinegar is used as a lotion).
  2. Essential oils. Since essential oils produce a different effect on the skin, they should be used only according to the instructions:
    • anise (tones, has antiseptic properties);
    • orange (renews cells, stimulates blood circulation and smoothes wrinkles);
    • valerian (relieves irritation);
    • Clove (rejuvenates);
    • grapefruit (tones);
    • fir tree (tones);
    • incense (creates a rejuvenating effect);
    • Mandarin (smoothes and moisturizes);
    • Myrrh (creates a rejuvenating effect).
  3. Baths. If you do not know how to make the skin of the body supple, then you can use the following relaxing baths:
    • from honey and milk;
    • from mint, rose petals, oregano and lemon balm;
    • from birch leaves and chamomile;
    • from heated mineral water;
    • from juice of oranges, lemons and grapefruits;
    • from wormwood;
    • of rosehip petals;
    • ordinary salt.
  4. Salon procedures. If you do not know how to make the skin elastic, then go straight to the beauty salon, where you will be offered:
    • microcurrent therapy (weak electrical stimulation of the skin, affecting the muscles and blood vessels, as well as contributing to cell metabolism, lymphatic drainage effect and the production of collagen; improves skin condition in such phenomena as wrinkles and flabbiness);
    • RF lifting (exposure to high frequency electromagnetic waves and an increase in temperature in skin cells stimulates collagen production and restores elasticity; improves skin condition in such phenomena as sagging, sagging, double chin, pigmentation, wrinkles);
    • laser biorevitalization (for intensive moisturizing with the help of a laser, hyaluronic acid is injected under the skin; improves skin condition in cases of wrinkles and sagging);
    • mesotherapy (introduction of special mezokokteyly under the skin; improves the condition of the skin in case of any skin problems from youthful acne to baldness).

Skin Care Tips

In addition to the above procedures, there are daily duties that must be performed in order for the skin to remain attractive:

  • exercise (contribute to good blood circulation and speeding up the metabolism); - constant training (yoga, fitness, swimming, water aerobics, gymnastics, dancing, pilates, calanetic);
  • douche (expansion and contraction of blood vessels contribute to elasticity); - chocolate wraps (caffeine promotes the production of collagen, eliminates pigment spots and cellulite);
  • massage (including acupressure, if you are thinking about how to make the skin of your face elastic);
  • good sleep (nothing improves skin condition like rest);
  • normal nutrition (vitamins of group B, C, E, A, as well as a minimum of fat, sweet and flour);
  • the use of creams and lotions with a tightening effect (with alpha-lipoic acid, coenzyme Q-10 and selenium, as well as caffeine and cocoa butter);
  • correct posture (this is the best tool for those who do not know how to make the skin of the abdomen elastic);
  • infrared sauna (recently invented method);
  • rejection of unbalanced diets (lead only to weakening of the skin).

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