How to make the monthly over?

A very delicate device of the female body, conceived by nature, is easily unbalanced by interfering with its work without a good reason. However, situations in life happen different. And if at some point you think about how to make your monthly period run out, then first of all think about whether this is necessary. Gynecologists do not advise experimenting with their menstrual cycle, so that later they do not have to regret the consequences.

Menstruation sometimes comes very suddenly, when you need to wait another couple of days. For example, if you have a rest, a long-awaited date with your beloved man or an important meeting that requires a strict dress code. So, despite the warnings, you still wondered what to do so that your period would end quickly. What can be done?

Folk remedies

Broths of herbs have the pronounced hemostatic properties: nettle leaves, shepherd's bag, water pepper, barberry, raspberry leaves and wild blackberry.In addition to all these herbs are also distinguished by a high content of ascorbic acid, which strengthens the vascular walls. Start drinking broth from the first day of menstruation. Just do not forget that the following periods can last longer than usual. This is a kind of compensation for this shortened menstrual cycle.

A decoction of nettle is prepared as follows: pour 500 ml. hot water 5 tbsp. spoon dry chopped nettles and hold, not boiling, over low heat for 20 minutes, let it brew and cool. To improve the taste, you can add a little honey or sugar. Should take on 3 tbsp. l 4-5 times a day. Broth shepherd's bag is prepared at the rate of 2 tsp. a glass of boiling water. You need to drink in several doses of 2 cups of broth per day. To delay the onset of menstruation can use a large number of foods rich in vitamin C (citrus).

Trying to reduce the duration of the beginning of the month with the help of medication is not worth it. These are drugs that cannot be taken without medical supervision, because they can lead to thromboembolic complications.

Physical exercises

Catching up for a long time yoga, you can also achieve that the monthly ended earlier. But these practices should be regular, and then after 2-3 months of training the cycle will become more predictable. Standing on all fours, follow the legs with legs, 15-20 strokes each leg. Also, on all fours, put your heels together and spread your knees as much as possible - this is a frog pose. Sitting on the floor, spread your legs wide and lean forward, bending the lower back. Hold as long as possible. Exercises are best performed in the complex.

Attention to your health

There are cases when to make so that the monthly ended prematurely is not just a momentary whim, but a condition necessary for the preservation of women's health and well-being. Not everyone is a happy owner of a 28-day cycle, in which menstruation lasts 4-5 days. Long and abundant with clots menstruation can lead to the development of anemia (decrease in hemoglobin in the blood). Do not try to handle it yourself. Consult your doctor who will prescribe a full examination and comprehensive treatment.

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