How to marry successfully?

Since childhood all the girls dream of a prince, ohoffer a hand and a heart, a white dress and a wedding! Playing "daughter-mother" they create the image of a happy family, where there is a mother, father and baby. In adult women, life develops differently, not everyone finds it easy to find a couple or to marry a partner.

How to marry a girl

Surely, you are a girl who has long figured outin their desires. You want to get married, not because it's necessary for relatives, not for a holiday with champagne and a white dress, not for wedding photos "in contact", and not because "it's already time ...". In this case, with a theory, we begin practical advice!

How to get married quickly

  1. Attention, this advice is not aimed at theory, butto practice! Clearly formulate your desire to get married. Whichever situation you get, always think about what you want to get married, do not screw up with your girlfriends, that it's more important for you than a career, and you'll have time to marry, do not lie to relatives, that you can still wait. All thoughts and phrases are material. Contradictory desires are the main obstacle on the way to achieving the goal.
  2. The man is a hunter. He is interested in the prey that is harder to catch. Give the man the right to conquer you. Let him know that you are already getting married and you want to understand how many advantages there are in freedom! Do not say it in words, show by actions: surround yourself with male attention, go for walks with girlfriends, enjoy life and never try to tie him to yourself. The only way you can win is to marry yourself.
  3. Take the initiative in your own hands. Once you understand that you want to marry him, tell him openly that you are straining to live without official circumstances. Do not explain the reasons, and do not dismiss the nurse. Tell him this coldly and stop him if he starts talking about himself, about the minuses of marriage. Say that you do not care that you just state the fact and you will think (you, not he!).
  4. If you want to get married quickly, be weak andhelpless next to a man's dreams. Demonstrate that you need his help, admire his actions, praise him, say that you do not know how to manage without him.

How to marry successfully

If you want to get married, then meet withthose men who are ready for marriage. Forget the relationship with the married, no matter how much you are in love with him. Forget those who openly do not believe in marriage, considers the registration of relations as an unnecessary thing. Do you think you will re-educate him? Ha, even if so, do not think that in marriage he will be absorbed by the family.

To marry successfully, avoid the following types of men:

  • Alone in life. If a man is accustomed to loneliness, besides is burdened by communication with his relatives - this is not a family man. To break his habitual life is the same as to overwhelm him with hard work. And marriage is happiness, not penal servitude.
  • Home boring. He will make remarks at every step, begin to carp at any little things, so he is. To live in peace with such a person, you will have to strictly control your emotions and have a lot of patience for life.
  • Indifferent to children, not planning to start their own. Such a potential husband will only suit one that is not attuned to maternity. Do you need this - it's up to you.
  • Too narcissistic. He considers himself to be perfect and in marriage will demand that you match him, be ideal. Think, will you pull it, and do you need it?

Use the advice of experienced brides and do not leave desire to get married! Good luck!

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