How to name a bear?

From time immemorial, the bear personifies ourcountry, and many foreigners are still firmly rooted in the consciousness that bears are free to roam about our Russian streets. In this article, you will learn a lot of new and interesting things about who we affectionately call the bear callous.

The etymology of the name "bear"

First, let's see why the bear was namedthe bear. Since the beast likes to eat honey, then everything immediately becomes clear. A bear is a combination of two words, Russian (honey), and Arabic (wadd, woodd or vidd), which translates as "loving." And how else do you call a bear? Sometimes they are called rods - they are bears that did not have time to accumulate fat, and with the onset of colds they became embittered and lost weight. Cranks often attack people. They do not go to the den, and sooner or later they die.

Two-year-old bears that helpmother-bear to care for the newly born brothers, called pestunami. In this seemingly young age, cubs begin to live a completely independent life.

Types of bears

Here are a few of the most common types of bears:

  • Himalayan. It is smaller than brown, more slender, has a thin muzzle, and large ears. Distinctive sign - white with a yellow tinge spot on the chest, because of what the Himalayan bear is called a white-bearded.
  • Brown bear. Particularly common in Scandinavia, Finland, sometimes it can be found in the forests of Central Europe.
  • Grizzly. This is a big bear, light color, but with dark paws and belly.
  • Black bears or baribals are found in North America. They are smaller than brown bears and grizzlies. They have a yellow-brown muzzle, on the chest - a small white spot.

Name for teddy bear

Sometimes a bear can be kind and verysweetheart. In the event that it is plush! Having presented such a toy to a child, there may be a question - how to name a bear? Try to find the distinctive features, for example, eyes like beads, then Businka, a lot of patches, then Zaplatkin. In general, there are already many well-known nicknames for the cubs: Teddy, Umka, Toptygin and others.

Mishka in Russian folk tales

In Russian folklore, the bear is calledtoed. What is the reason for this? The thing is that during the walk the teddy boy puts his heels outward with his heels, and with his socks inward, hence the nickname - the clumsy one. How do you call a bear a fairy tale? There are a lot of names in the people: Toptygin, Mikhailo Potapich, Misha, and Grandpa. The bear also has its own names: Avdotya Toptygina, Akulina, Matryona Mikhailovna and others.

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