How to name a child by date?

Galina Mirzahmedova
Galina Mirzahmedova
March 16, 2015
How to name a child by date?

Parents often find it difficult to name a child: by date or in honor of someone. There are several principles for choosing a name: the most fashionable is in sound in combination with the surname and patronymic. Also choose by the name of relatives or by date of birth. If the starting point is the date of birth, then there are options: by church calendar or by horoscope. Details about the calendar is written in the article How to name a child on the calendar. The rest is below.

Choosing a name for the calendar

Saints or calendars - a list of the names of saints canonized by the Orthodox Church, arranged by month and day. Each day corresponds to certain names - more details in. It lists more than a thousand Orthodox names that have Greek, Hebrew, Slavic and Latin roots.

If parents cannot select a single name from the list offered by the calendar, then you can see the names that are listed in other days. In this case, you need to focus on the next day or the fortieth after birth (baptismborn child usually took place that day).

For example, for boys born on June 2, the calendar proposes the names Ivan or Nikifor. The list for the next day includes Dmitry, Denis, Mikhail, Pavel, Kupriyan, Claudius, Lukyan. And if even here parents cannot make a choice on a certain name, then you need to count 40 days from birth and look at the names listed on July 12. Thus, Arseny, Gabriel, Proclus, Semyon, Fyodor are added to the list. This list will help solve the problem of choosing a name.

How to name a child by date of birth: horoscope

Each zodiac constellation, under which the baby was born, corresponds to certain names. In a simplified form, these lists can be found in any horoscope.

For example, for those born under the sign

  • Libra, suggested names such as Alyona, Karina, Oleg, Victor, Tikhon;
  • for Scorpios - Rodion, Yuri, Yaroslav, Maria, Zoya, Isabella;
  • Streltsov - Alice, Sophia, Marina, Stepan, Zakhar, Semyon;
  • Capricorns - Arthur, Oleg, Peter, Olga, Inna, Dina;
  • Aquarius - Alina, Ella, Nonna, Gleb, Pavel, Plato;
  • Pisces - Anton, Timofey, Anna, Martha, Barbara;
  • Aries - Agnia, Aza, Olesya, Augustus, Jan;
  • Telts - Anisim, Makar, Ilya, Angela, Beata, Maya;
  • Gemini - Valeria, Glafira, Egor, Timur, Taras;
  • Rakov - Demian, Stanislav, Julius, Bogdan, Seraphim, Silva;
  • Lvov - Zhanna, Lada, Emma, ​​Herman, Ivan, Ruslan;
  • Dev - Arkhip, Denis, Nikita, Evdokia, Xenia, Hope.

If you approach the process with full responsibility, then you should turn to astrologers who will make more complex calculations taking into account the dominant planets, etc.

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