How to call a clothing store?

If you decide to open your own clothing store, then you will have to find an interesting name for it. It is no secret that the key to the popularity of your business depends largely on a well-chosen name. In this article we will tell you how to call a clothing store, depending on its features.

Of course, if you are going to sell things of a certain brand, then there is nothing to think about - the store will be called as the clothing brand. But if you provide a wide range, then you should approach the choice of a name responsibly. So, before you decide on a name, you need to consider the following important factors:

  • the pronunciation of the name;
  • originality;
  • compliance with products;
  • competitor name analysis.

How to name a women's clothing store

Of course, you can come up with an original name for a women's clothing store, but it may not sound very interesting, or your potential buyers will not be able to decide how to pronounce it correctly. The simplicity in this matter is very important.It is better to call your store “Parisian” than a name in French that will be incomprehensible. Naturally, with this choice, you must ensure the appropriate quality of products, and not to offer goods from China, for example.

Also, think about the names of your most successful competitors. If you are ready to offer customers original clothing, then you can call the store “Lady”, “Queen” or “Fashionista”. Good options are the following:

  • Madame;
  • Madam;
  • Young lady;
  • Milady;
  • Yoke;
  • Mona Lisa;
  • Senora;
  • Silhouette.

For lingerie store should choose other names. By the name of such an institution it should be clear which product prevails there. In addition, the emphasis is usually placed not only on product quality, but also on the sexuality and sophistication of the product. In this case, we offer you the following options:

  • Goddess;
  • A princess;
  • Decollete;
  • Riddle;
  • Secret;
  • Temptation;
  • Delight;
  • Donna;
  • Caprice;
  • She is;
  • Intrigue;
  • Elegant.

How to call a men's clothing store

High-quality men's clothing should be sold in the store with an intriguing name. If you have in the assortment there are solid suits and wardrobe items in a business style, you can call the shop “Lord”, “Viscount”, “Earl”, “Senor” and even “Sir”.The options “Elite”, “Elegant”, “Estet”, “Don”, “Gentleman” and “Exclusive” will do.

If the assortment of clothes is presented in a more youthful and free style, take a closer look at the options “Macho”, “Drive”, “Dauphin”, “Prince” or “Class”. Regarding the choice of name for the men's underwear store, you can think about the following options:

  • King;
  • The emperor;
  • Caesar;
  • Don Juan;
  • Tsarevich;
  • Pet;
  • Apollo.

How to name a children's clothing store

Recently, it is very fashionable to give the name for children’s shops from children's vocabulary. They effortlessly say what your range. So you can learn an interesting name even from a conversation with some talkative kid. “Manyunya”, “Masyanya”, “Baduda” and everything in this spirit can be a great name for a specialty store.

Good names are the following options:

  • Little princess (clothes for girls);
  • Karapuzik;
  • Sun;
  • Mischievous person;
  • Chit;
  • Superman;
  • Funtik;
  • Magic Chest;
  • Fairy tale.

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