How to open a memory card?

The memory card on the smartphone htc is needed to store files such as photos, music, videos. While the cell phone is connected to the computer, the memory is available, which allows you to copy files and exchange them in both directions at a rather high speed.

To perform this exchange, you need to connect your cell phone to your computer using a usb cable. It should be noted that with this connection you will not be able to use in htc desire applications to access the memory card as well as applications transferred to it. Very often, users of the htc card have a problem that the computer does not open the memory card, or rather just “does not see” it. How to solve this problem, how to open a memory card? There are no difficulties here, you just need to make the correct connection of devices and install the necessary programs and drivers.

The computer does not see the memory card

Connecting a cell phone to a personal computer. Perhaps this is the easiest process. For its implementation, you must use the usb cable included in the kit. Plug the cable first into the connector on the device and then into the usb connector of the computer.

You need to install on your personal computer the htc sync program for cell phone recognition and configure it.

The installation of this program is done automatically, and for the settings you need, you should perform the following manipulations:

  • On the screen, press the "Menu" button, then go to the "Settings" section. Next, select the "Accounts and sync."
  • Then, on the phone, click on “Connect to PC” and select the htc sync program, then click on the “Finish” button. At this point, the cell phone will attempt to find this program on the computer. It will be necessary to wait for the completion of this process, which lasts only a few seconds.
  • In the case when the phone shows a message that it is impossible to detect htc sync, you need to disconnect the usb cable, then reconnect it and repeat the action described above.
  • When the window called “Connect to phone wizard” opens on your computer, you should click on the “Next” button.
  • Then in the window that appears, you need to enter a name for your cell phone and click the "Done" button.
  • In order to make sure your phone is connected to the computer,and the htc sync program successfully recognized it, check whether the green icon appears in the lower right part of the computer screen.

Now you can go to the solution of the main problem, how to open the htc memory card.

The smartphone does not see the memory card

Installation of the program for opening a memory card. In order for the phone to open the memory card, you need to install any explorer in it. The most popular is ES Explorer. It is precisely because of the lack of this type of program that users experience problems, which consist in the fact that the phone does not open the memory card. The program is installed automatically.

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