How to pickle ginger correctly

Few people know how to pickle ginger on their own. In fact, it is not so difficult. Of course, now the need for this has almost disappeared. Practically in any supermarket you can buy as much ginger as you need, and quite inexpensive. If you still want to learn how to pickle ginger at home, this article will help you. In the end, everything that is done with your own hands is valued many times higher. Let's get started

How to cook pickled ginger

how to pickle gingerSo, you decide to cook sushi or rolls at home. With wasabi, of course, things are more complicated, but how to pickle ginger? Very simple! There are several basic salting methods. They are mainly distinguished by the sharpness of the marinade. The most common marinade recipe is based on soy sauce, and the second most popular one is rice vinegar. It is not forbidden to add in the marinade a little bit of sake or special rice wine, which is called mirin. These products are traditional in the classic Japanese cuisine, but still cause amazement in many Russians. But do not be afraid of the to pickle ginger at home

How to pickle ginger correctly

The first step is to choose ginger.Remember that young people need salting, and stale on the counter will not work. But how can you tell young ginger from old if you buy it for the first time? Pay attention to some details. Peel should be very thin. With a slight movement of the nail, the skin of a young ginger can be easily damaged. Of course, the store does not need to spoil the products. Also on the peel should not be the so-called wrinkles. This is another sign of a stale product. If you still could not find the right ginger, take the one that was found, if you are not afraid of excessive rigidity. For sushi and rolls, it is preferable to take a tender young root.

How to Marinate Ginger Recipe

Rinse ginger root thoroughly. Then clean it. There is no need to make special efforts - it is cleaned as easily as new potatoes. Cut the root into thin-thin slices with a sharply sharpened knife. It is better to use a special knife for cutting vegetables, because the thinner and neater the slices are, the more delicious and marinated ginger will be.

What to do next

how to cook pickled gingerBefore pickling, it is common to pour ginger with boiling water. You can first pour it with ice water and put in the refrigerator, and then bring to a boil. If you do not have time, then immediately scald the ginger with hot water.Water slightly salted beforehand. To prepare the marinade, mix one teaspoon of soy sauce, the same amount of rice vinegar, three teaspoons of granulated sugar and a pinch of salt. Put this mixture on the fire (slow) and bring to a boil. Do not forget to stir. Put ginger in a jar or deep bowl and cover with hot marinade. Cover with a lid. When the jar has cooled to room temperature, put it in the fridge. How much ginger should be marinated depends only on your preferences. Some, in general, believe that after two or three hours you can eat it. Have a good cooking!

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