How to punish the former?

When family life cracks, spouses often have a desire to take revenge on the former half of the existing ones, and may even make-up grievances. At the same time, life together allows you to thoroughly learn the entire inside story of a spouse. Without going deep into moral aspects, we will try to see how to punish a former partner, without violating the features of the law and without dropping one’s own dignity.

Property and Finance

In case of divorce, the property of the spouses acquired in marriage is divided equally. If you are not yet divorced, and allow a trust relationship with your spouse or spouse, try to rewrite the largest possible amount of property to yourself or your relatives, having issued, for example, a donation agreement. This could be real estate, a car, valuables, etc. Also, do not try to cash out cash on accounts and plastic cards. A hit on the pocket is a rather sensitive punishment.

Work and career

If the former spouse or spouse grows up the career ladder, occupies a solid position in a private company or bureaucratic hierarchy, engages in public or political activities, then the question ofhow to punish your ex-husband or take revenge on your ex-wife can be easily resolved. Who, if not the spouses, know all the details of each other, all his mistakes, omissions and omissions. Enough to bring them to the attention of the public or leadership. Or maybe some omissions will want to learn in the regulatory or fiscal authorities? How about an incorrectly completed tax return or unflattering statements about an expensive manager at a New Year's corporate party? Just do not forget that all information must be supported by evidence sufficient for the one to whom you present it. Otherwise, you yourself may fall under the responsibility for defamation.

Friends and loved ones - a blow to vanity

For a woman after a divorce, it is very important not to become a gloomy recluse. To get revenge on the former, it is not superfluous to lead an active lifestyle. In communication with family and mutual friends in every way to show that after breaking up with her husband, life has become much more interesting and better. Maybe you should make friends with your ex spouse's friends? If one of them invites you for a date, you can even agree, even without serious intentions. A blow to pride is a sensitive punishment for a man.


When deciding how to punish an ex-wife, a spouse must decide for herself whether she devotes enough time and energy to raising children. Can she independently grow them and financially provide. If the husband believes that he can handle the upbringing of children better, then it is worth thinking about resolving this issue during a divorce. The main thing is that children do not become hostages of family squabbles.

Magic and conspiracy

Women, deciding how to punish the former, often turn to otherworldly forces. Well, if the belief in witchcraft is strong, perhaps it will help to get revenge on the former, turning to a practicing magician or sorcerer.

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