How to read the natal map?

People have always been interested in how their future will be. Therefore, interest in astrology, palmistry and horoscopes will never disappear. But today we will tell you about the natal chart. Having learned to read it, anyone can independently interpret the sequence of events of his or someone else's life.

Read the natal map

If someone does not know, then the natal chart is a diagram on which the symbols depict the state of the cosmos at the time of birth of a particular person.

Let's take a look at how to read the natal chart. If you look closely at the circle of the birth chart, you will see that in addition to the sectors that correspond to the twelve signs of the zodiac, there are also lines dividing the circle like a pie. These are the so-called Houses. Each of them symbolizes some area of ​​our life: friendship, relationships with others, entertainment, work and much more. Health on this card depends on personal experience, which is presented in all areas.

So, first you will need to make a complete list of elements, namely: highlight the heavenly bodies in the Houses, mark the House in signs, note aspects that affect the person, and also write out the rulers of each of the twelve houses. Thus, you will have a complete list of items to decrypt.

At the time of your birth, each of the planets is located in one or another sign of the zodiac and in one of the twelve Houses. How the planets are arranged relative to each other influence the character and determine the fate of a person. The Sun influences the personality, the Moon - on the subconscious, Mercury is responsible for thoughts and communication, and Venus is responsible for love. The development determines Jupiter, and Saturn shows the desires and aspirations of man. Uranus will tell about the unexpected sides of personality, and Neptune will reveal the most secret qualities of character. Human activity is controlled by Mars, and Pluto can tell about any changes.

Astrological houses

As for astrological houses, they are divided into three groups: angular (1,4,6,8,10), subsequent (2,5,8,11), falling (3,6,9,12). Each of them has a special meaning.

  1. talks about external manifestations
  2. about the financial situation
  3. interpersonal skills
  4. marital status
  5. personal relationship
  6. health status
  7. partnerships including marriage
  8. informs about crises
  9. worldview and life position
  10. professional activity
  11. social activity
  12. hidden secrets.

Aspects in the natal chart

Now let's talk about the aspects. How to read the natal chart, given their availability? The aspect has the Latin root "look." And really - the planets that are in aspect, as if looking at each other. Here are five main aspects:

  • Trine is the most auspicious and harmonious of all aspects. With it, the planets freely exchange energy;
  • sextile is an aspect similar to the previous one. It is also positive, but it provides more practical opportunities;
  • the opposition is a rather tense aspect, the planets here are located relative to each other according to the principle “eye to eye”. The interpretation of this aspect may suggest that life is on the path of "rope pulling";
  • quadratures are another stressful aspect. Means having problems that require close attention.
  • connection - expressed by the almost complete unification of the two planets.

Now you know how to read the natal chart, but just remember that in calculating aspects, some freedom of action is allowed due to the fact that a small error is possible.

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