How to recognize a lie?

We all would like to have super abilities -be invisible, fly, or, for example, know how to recognize a lie. Unlike the acquisition of an invisibility cloak, or a carpet-plane, learn to distinguish lies from the truth is not so difficult. This will help us communicate, called non-verbal. Surely many people have heard of him, but once again, it will not be superfluous to clarify.

Non-verbal communication is a kind of signals,which you send to the interlocutor without using words. It can be gestures, facial expressions, or something else that can contain information that is at odds with what you are saying. Non-verbal communication is what makes you learn how to recognize a lie.

Visible signs of lies

There are some common signs that will always betray a liar in man. These include:

  • Frequent yawning;
  • Blinking;
  • A trembling voice;
  • Hard breath;
  • Coughing nervously;
  • Droplets of sweat;
  • Dry lips;
  • Stuttering.


One of the reliable ways to understand that you are lying, will be simple attention - take a closer look at the behavior of the interlocutor, for example, to his facial expressions. It will be useful to remember how to recognize lies by facial expressions.

Most of all, a liar will give a smile. It will be ugly and insincere - the lips are slightly drawn back from the teeth (from above and from below), forming an oblong line, because of what the smile turns out to be shallow.

Pay attention to the eyes. Instead of the usual open look directly into your eyes you will see something quite different - the interlocutor will hardly look at you. It is interesting that men in such a situation look to the floor, and women-on the contrary, to the ceiling.

Researchers who deal with the psychology of lies,counted emotions with a second accuracy. So, the facial expression, the emotion that lasts only 5 seconds, and then changes, is considered a sign of deception. This is due to the fact that sincere expressions of emotions last at least 10 seconds, but exceptions are passion, anger, depression.

As a sign of lies is the lack of synchronicitywork of the muscles of the face. As you know, the same feelings are reflected on the right and left side of the face, however, when they are deceived on one side they are slightly stronger than the other.

On how to recognize a lie by gestures

Gestures can also betray the true intentions and thoughts of a person, even if he does not want it. Take a closer look at others and you will notice how often you can see the following:

  • The liar's gestures are limited and insecure;
  • As already mentioned, he avoids eye contact;
  • Lying often touches the face, neck, mouth, and also chest from the heart;
  • Fussy gestures, this includes: teasing clothes, rubbing his hands, correcting hair and other small movements with his hands;
  • A liar is restless, for example, knocks with his fingers, slightly stomps his foot or tugs something in his hands;
  • The loser can try to be somehow shielded from you, having between you some small object - be it a book, a cup or something else;
  • If you lie, a person will try to leave your field of vision, maybe even turn away.

The person's real thoughts can be seen in the first seconds after your question, when he had not yet had time to navigate, which means that surprise, confusion, or dumbfounded on his face.

If you notice that the person slowed downgesticulation, it means that he just did not have time to come up with further lies. Similarly, when cheating a person may disagree gestures and words - for example, nodding with a negative answer.

Recognize lies by speech

Do not forget about the very speech of a potential liar. After all, it will also help you learn how to recognize a lie.

  • Trying to deceive you, the person in the answer to the question will use your words - "Did you spill sugar?" - "No, it was not I who sprinkled sugar!". He will also use abbreviated answers.
  • From a liar you will not wait for direct statements - you will hear only hints and deviations. In addition, he will try to convince you with the help of unnecessary details and the absence of pauses.
  • Speaking untruth, a person can lose control over the timbre and tone of a voice, as well as over the correctness of speech - especially the syntax and grammar will suffer.

Here, perhaps, that's all. These are the main signs by which you easily calculate the liar. As you can see, to understand how to recognize a lie is not necessarily to be a superman and to have special abilities. The main thing to remember the main signs of untruth and to look more closely at people.

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