How to reconcile with a girl?

Often the question of how to reconcile with your belovedgirl, we are told: "but do not quarrel." And people are right in their own way right, but what's the use of these morals, if it happened, and you have already seriously quarreled. In this article I will tell you about how you can make peace, and also how to put up in any case not worth it.

Make up with the girl: actions

The very first thing you need to know if you justoffended your girlfriend - do not meddle with her at once with an apology, if she is strongly irritated. And you, and she needs to calm down so that in a fit of despair (in your case) and anger or even more resentment (in her case) do not tell each other many unpleasant things, which then will be ashamed of both.

Next, it should be remembered that girls, as a rule,are proud enough and willful, and therefore do not expect that immediately after an apology your beloved will rush to you around your neck. If you really were guilty for real - endure and listen to everything that your beloved will say about you and your deed. But after the apology and response replicas, you can present her with some nice gift.

By the way, I think you do not need to explain thatto utter an apologetic speech should not be a condescending tone, but with a note of sincere (remember - sincere, and not deceived!) remorse. And listen to her answer, too, without interrupting. Depending on the severity of your misconduct, a friend's speech can also be appropriate. But if she answers you, it means that you really care about her. Yes, it may be necessary to apologize again if the "nakosyachili" seriously, but the fact of her answer speaks volumes.

Now as for the gift. Its presence is strictly recommended. And it's not just a formality, it's a sign that you really want reconciliation. Do not need expensive jewelry, but at least buy flowers that she loves! Believe me, she will appreciate it. If your relationship can not yet be called established, take sincere advice: indulge your favorite flowers or gifts at least occasionally, not only on her birthday and on March 8. Then, if a quarrel happens, its consequences may not be so terrible.

What to do if the girl is silent or expressesindifference after your attempt to reconcile? Of course, this is not a very good sign (except for the case when the girl is simply very calm in itself). But if it's dear to you (and once you've read the article up to this point, then certainly), take one more attempt. Here you can already use the phone, and sms - you can reconcile with the girl after all and so: he does not want to see, and we will call or write! It worked - fine, schedule a new meeting. No - leave her alone again for a while, then try again.

Reconciliation: what you need to know more

Now one more little remark: think whether the severity of your act is such a reaction on her part. If she does not talk to you for a week because you decided to spend time with friends who have not been seen in the evening, instead of a joint evening walk, think about what will happen next? Do you need such a relationship? But if you seriously offended her, or even, God forbid, changed-endure. And remember: if after that you will be forgiven, then the second time, most likely, will not.

The doctors say: the best treatment is prevention. And they are a thousand times right. It is a pity only that more often than medicine this statement does not go. But we are with you - people are smart and we will definitely take this into service. To continue to not quarrel, be sure to talk with your girlfriend about your relationship. Let them have no place for hidden grievances, unspoken claims. All this must be said and decided that if a quarrel does happen, all of these inconsistencies do not fall on your head. And it will be much easier to reconcile then, believe me.

Confidence relations retained many pairsat all times, so let's take the best samples to follow and do not repeat the mistakes of many who are fenced off from each other by an invisible wall of resentment, moving away from each other more and more. In your power right now, fix it. And the most important thing here is to sincerely wish for reconciliation and not to repeat the same mistakes. As you can see - nothing tricky, you just need to protect each other and then the question of how to reconcile with the girl will disappear by itself. Love and appreciate each other and be happy!

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