How to reduce muscle?

Yuri Belousikov
Yuri Belousikov
August 15, 2012
How to reduce muscle?

Here we present several ways to reduce the volume of muscles in different parts of the body. Of course, making the muscles smaller is somewhat more difficult than pumping them, but with the right program of action you will succeed. To begin with, how to reduce the muscles in the calves and thighs, since it is their large volume that people most often complain about.

How to reduce calf muscles

The first thing that must be abandoned to reduce the calf muscles is to exclude from the exercises those exercises that, in the process of their implementation, are too straining these muscles. For example, you should exclude riding a bike, because in this exercise the calf muscles take on the greatest load. If you ride a bike for a long time and for a long time, you should gradually reduce the load from several hours to one hour or even up to half an hour. In this case, you can not exclude the bike completely from its program, but to make trips short and not heavy. At the same time, it is desirable to walk a lot and evenly, which will best reflect on the shape of your calves.

Exercises for other muscle groups

  • A very useful exercise to reduce virtually any muscle groups (including the calf) is stretching. With the help of stretching muscles become elastic and decrease in volume. Choose suitable exercises for your stretching muscles and perform them regularly - then your muscles will be elastic and beautiful. You can find complexes of such exercises for different muscle groups, for example, in textbooks on yoga or stretching (one of the types of fitness that concentrates on stretching). There is also a stretching technique.
  • It is very useful for reducing the muscles to engage in outdoor games in nature, in water or, at worst, in the hall. The fact is that dynamic loading increases muscle strength without a significant increase in their mass. If you have big muscles, then such loads (running, swimming, tennis, football, basketball, volleyball, etc., etc.) will gradually bring your muscular system to a more acceptable form for you. At the same time not a drop of power will be lost.
  • And one more useful advice to reduce muscle mass - give up protein meat food for a while and switch to vegetarian carbohydrate.The fact is that proteins contribute to muscle growth, and their use will not allow you to significantly reduce muscle mass. These are the basic ways to reduce muscle volume. Hopefully, you will regularly perform the proposed exercises and follow the above techniques - then the result will be just around the corner.

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