How to remove stains on the face?

Spots on the face, whether pigment or acne spots, can severely damage the appearance. And this problem is relevant not only for women, but also for men. In the modern world, the face of a person plays an important role, because when meeting new people, it is the face that attracts attention. Therefore, in this article we will look at how to remove blemishes on the face. The article discusses various ways that you can use at home.

Causes of age spots

Previously, people believed that pigment spots on the face appear and disappear due to the activity of the sun. However, it is now known to doctors that the causes of pigmentation can be cuts, injuries and improper cosmetic procedures, as well as the effect of hormones.

What is the root of the problem? The fact is that pigmentation of the skin in humans is due to the hormone melanin. In some people, this hormone is actively produced. On the one hand, these people can be called lucky, because they always have an even tan on their skin, and it lasts a long time. On the other hand, it is these people who are prone to spots on the skin.As a rule, the causes of pigment spots are antibiotics and drugs that can cause melanin activity. Also, age spots appear in pregnant women.

It is worth noting pigment spots can be symptoms of serious diseases. For example, pigment spots may indicate diseases of the endocrine system, the cardiovascular system and the gastrointestinal tract, as well as liver disease, disorders of the nervous system. If you find that you have pigmented spots on your face, for example, in the center, then this is a sure signal of the occurrence of serious problems of the gastrointestinal tract. Pigment spots around the eyes may indicate thyroid disease.

How to get rid of age spots

The most important thing in the first place is to consult a dermatocosmetologist. He will be able to determine what are the causes of the appearance of these spots, and prescribe a treatment. A medical examination is also possible.

To eliminate stains in the following ways:

  • Cosmetic procedures. This includes chemical peels, as well as therapy based on the use of cocktails enriched with vitamin C.Photorejuvenation and skin lightening, laser correction.
  • Care at home. Every person has the power to take care of their skin at home. You can use peels, masks, as well as special creams that have a lightening effect on the skin. Choose such tools should be based on the recipe. It is advisable to pay attention to products containing extracts of the leaves of Boldo.
  • You can also use products containing various herbs. Including peppermint, medicinal lemon balm.
  • As for serums and creams, they should be used daily, the environment adversely affects our skin. You should choose moisturizers and use them before bedtime.

Learn more about how to remove pigmentation on the face, you can learn from the article How to remove pigmentation.

How to get rid of acne spots

The question of how to get rid of the spots that remain after acne should be considered separately.

  • There are many different ways, but the most effective are the usual masks. The mask can be made at home from green clay.You should also add rosemary essential oil.
  • Now add 20 milliliters of cool water. The mask should be applied to dark areas of the skin where the spots remain. Keep the mask should be within 10 minutes. Rosemary oil can be used several times a day to eliminate blemishes.
  • You can also use one tablespoon of tomato pulp, which you need to mix with a dessert spoon of starch and apply on skin for about 15 minutes.
  • One of the easiest ways to get rid of stains is cucumber juice. The cucumber should be squeezed in a juicer, then moistened with several tampons and applied to the skin.
  • In China, tea tree has always been used for skin care. Its oil may be suitable just to eliminate stains. Tea tree oil should be mixed in equal proportions with lemon juice or lavender oil.
  • A good way to eliminate acne spots is to use garlic. It is enough to cut a small slice and mix with lemon juice, as well as chopped parsley. Next, all you need to pour boiling water and boil over low heat for 10 minutes.The resulting mixture should be cooled, wetted swab, applied to the skin. Also, this mixture can be put in the refrigerator and then poured into ice molds. This will make it easier for you to apply it on your skin.
  • Among the cosmetic products that can help get rid of such stains, cosmetic paraffin should be highlighted. It is enough to melt and apply with a cotton swab. However, it should be remembered that paraffin can cause an allergic reaction. In particular, paraffin can cause the appearance of a reticulum. In this case, it should definitely be abandoned.

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