How to remove the form?

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How to remove the form?

Sometimes it is necessary to be able to make molds from gypsum or silicone yourself. So from plaster you can make a flower girl or a small sculpture for a garden. A panel can decorate your house.

First you need to evaluate the complexity and magnitude of the product. With simple little things you can remove the plaster mold almost immediately. For more complex it is necessary to wait from several hours to several days after packing. Strongly protruding parts of the compositions can be molded separately.

How to remove gypsum form

It is best to start with a simple one, for example, with a flower girl. How to remove the form from it? It is necessary to adhere to the following sequence of actions:

  1. Remove the bottom and fixing bolts.
  2. Separate the walls, first with a counter-relief, then the remaining ones.
  3. Dry (not by any means in the sun), you need to dry for at least 24 hours.
  4. Seal with a solution of the shell.
  5. Carefully correct the crumpled details of the relief.
  6. Finished product sprinkle with water.
  7. Dry again.

To make the gypsum form strong, it is better to wait about a week, sprinkling it with water every day. Gradually the concrete will harden completely.

How to make a silicone mold

  1. The product is spread over several layers of rubber. Between the layers can be laid gauze for greater strength.
  2. Then they plan where the fiberglass casings will be applied (they will give rigidity after removal).
  3. Complex details and irregularities are additionally coated with clay. In some places it is possible to insert foam rubber (in this case rubber is applied on top of it).

For disassembled casings, you will also needpolyester resin and fiberglass. First you need to divide the selected area with plasticine partitions. Polyester resin is spread over rubber. The strength of the mold is fixed by fiberglass. Subsequently, individual casings will be bolted together. This form weighs a little and it is easy to transport. In addition, it turns out to be very tough.

The process of creating interesting products using forms is described in the section of our website.

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