How to replace brake pads?

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How to replace brake pads?

Replacing brake columns is a task that can be performed independently without using the services of a TO, where the cost of such a replacement shocks some drivers, to put it mildly. So how to replace brake pads? Video instructions to use, offered on the Internet or use the automaker's manuals? As practice shows, and according to experienced drivers, the replacement of brake pads is necessary after 20 thousand mileage cars with its regular use in urban conditions. If the car owner lives outside the city, you can change the brake pads after 30 thousand mileage.

Preparing for the replacement of brake pads

Technology replacement brake pads, of course, depends on the brand of car and its manufacturer. We will consider the replacement of brake pads on the Nissan Almera Classic car. Before you replace the front or rear brake pads, you should purchase them.We recommend to buy only the pads in the original version, in accordance with a special code characteristic of Nissan. The same codes are available for cars of any other models. This is a very important point, because the unsuitable pads will have to be exchanged in the trade network, otherwise, you will either not install them, or you will not be able to ride them.

Before replacing the pads, you need to stock up on the following tools:

  • jack and gloves;
  • brush with stiff bristles, preferably metal;
  • liquid to remove dirt from the engine;
  • a set of tools, namely, the key from the wheel and ratchet with a key 14;
  • a sharp screwdriver, which can successfully replace the penknife;
  • brake pads, which are consumables in the vehicle equipment.

Instructions for replacing brake pads

In order for you to conveniently change the brake pads, you need to drive the car either on a dirt road or on an asphalt road. Put the car in second gear on the handbrake, fix the rear wheel with a stone or board so that the car is safely standing on the road, and in no case, did not roll.

At the first stage it is necessary to unscrew the wheel disk nuts with a standard wrench. If you have alloy wheels installed on your machine, then use the regular key for this type of drive. Take the jack that comes with the car, lift the car. The jack must be installed in such a way under the front threshold so that its upper part is located between two special lines. The rear of the car is lifted with a jack before replacing the rear brake pads.

At the second stage we remove the wheel, remove it to the side so that it does not interfere with the replacement of the brake pads, then turn it to the side - this action is necessary to provide access to the caliper. Yes, one more thing - in order to avoid blocking the steering wheel, insert the ignition key, turn it one division. At the same time, there is no need to start the car, because provided that one wheel is removed, the force on the steering wheel will be small.

At the third stage, it is necessary to unscrew the lower bolt with a key on 14 - you need to act very carefully and carefully, because with sudden movements the thread may break.It is necessary to turn off counter-clockwise, and not vice versa. Now you need to fold the caliper, then get access to the brake pads.

The final stage

The fourth stage - alternately remove the pads. To do this, turn the pads slightly in the opposite direction from the disc, and then lift them upwards, removing them from the mounting brackets. To loosen the pad, click on the petals located behind the pad. Now it is necessary to remove the mounting brackets one by one. They are covered with bloom, which is highly desirable to remove before installing new brake pads. We clean these parts with a metal brush and engine cleaner.

Fifth stage. We take the tire for tire or standard key. We need to drag the piston inside the caliper with this simple tool - this will be easier if you hit the opposite side of the caliper. The inside of the caliper must also be cleaned of dirt and abrasive. Care must be taken because rubber seals may suffer as a result of cleaning.Before replacing the brake pads, to ensure the continued, flawless performance of the new speakers, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the corner inside the caliper bracket.

After cleaning, set the brackets into place with the petals inside. We put new pads, given that on the inside of the brake disc should be a pad with a special petal (wear indicator). In the case when the block is not installed, you should check the installation of the brackets. Next you need to do all the work to restore the caliper to its original position,

Tips and tricks

You have learned how to replace the brake pads, and now it’s time, what driving rules you need to follow, so that the pads do not create problems for you during operation. Immediately after installing the pads, do not move on the car until you bleed the brake pedal - you must do at least 10 bleeds with the engine running. Check the brake fluid level - it should be optimal between the MIN and MAX marks. If the fluid has gone beyond the MAX mark, then remove the excess - it is convenient to remove the brake fluid using a conventional medical syringe.

While the pads are not used, it is necessary to move very carefully, because the brake discs do not yet have all their functions. After 10 km of run, the car can be used normally. Sharp brakes in the range of 100-200 km after replacing the pads should not be undertaken.

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