How to return a purchase?

Correctly they say: “the eyes of a person are envious, and the hands are hungering.” And there is. For example, a buyer came to the store and let's try on everything and pay money at the checkout. In the end, I came home, and I was horrified - I didn’t like it, it wasn’t the size, and the other thing in general, as they say, “is not from that opera”. What to do in this case? How to return a purchase back to the store?

Return goods are subject to

Of course, if the buyer knows all the points of the Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights" by heart, then it will be easier for him. Well, at least the articles numbered 18 and 25 study and, quoting them in the mall, you will be "on horseback." But how to be a person in ignorant legal matters? And anyway, is it possible to return the purchase to where it recently purchased it? It turns out that you can do this in two weeks. To return the goods, be sure to find a receipt for the goods you are going to return. But, if you, like many scattered citizens, threw out a check immediately after purchase, then find at least labels or company packages from the store where the item was purchased.It is worth noting that the goods purchased from frequent sellers and in the market, it is hardly possible to return. And, then, in this case, the purchase must be treated with special care.

How to return the purchase to the store

If the product purchased by the buyer turned out to be defective, then the seller must unconditionally accept it back to the store. Well, if the buyer obviously did not buy the goods with an already approved marriage. Keep in mind that sellers of shops also insure themselves - they always issue a guarantee for goods that are valid for at least two years. The buyer can replace the defective item with another item, is able to agree to a free repair of the item at the store’s expense and simply ask him to return the money for the item.

How to return the money for the purchase, if the store administration is not on the buyer's side? You can contact the Consumer Protection Department and explain all the reasons for the return. Most often, the law is on the side of the offended side, that is, the one who purchased the goods.

What is not refundable

Every person needs to understand that not all products are subject to return.Returns are non-refundable: soap, periodicals, personal care products, underwear, pantyhose, weapons, medicines, plants, animals. Also, furniture, cars and jewelry are not accepted back. The acquisition of the above products must be treated carefully, because no one will accept this product even if it is in perfect condition.

Shopping through the online store

Many nowadays buy goods over the Internet. Of course, it is convenient and comfortable. You sit on the couch and choose everything your heart desires. And, by the way, some gambling buyers do not even think that they are buying a “cat in a bag”, because they cannot taste and taste anything. I wonder how to refuse to buy if it was purchased through an online store? It turns out that this can be done, but only before the transfer of goods. Pay the shipping, by the way, the buyer still have to, but you can return the goods only if you did not unpack it and did not try it on.

How to return the purchase to the store, if the protective film, price tags, labels and tags have already been torn from it? No, because there already and no law will not help.When returning, the product must always maintain its presentation - be clean, not worn and be in pristine condition. And, finally, practical advice — spontaneous purchases are good, of course, but then you will have to pay for them not only with money, but also with your nervous system.

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