How to score a goal?

It is difficult to describe what pleasure deliversa well-scored goal, especially if the strike was performed by a high-profile football player. The stadium rejoices, and the winning team celebrates the victory. This article will tell you about how to score a goal. Let's talk about the difficult art of owning a ball in football.

How to score a goal in football: the main ways

We will lead our article in three directions. To begin with, we'll review the basic rules that allow you to play certain parts of the body and the technique of owning the ball in different situations, and then we'll get acquainted with the most advantageous positions for the goal on the field, and also consider the tactical components of the game.

  • How to score a beautiful goal? The first way is a good kick with an attacking leg. The technique of impact is of decisive importance. A good kick is put by the inside of the foot on the bottom of the ball, lifting it in this way into the air. In addition, a small take-off is required so that the blow is strong and the ball quickly reaches the gate, passing the goalkeeper's hands or the defense unit. One more detail: you need to hit the ball along a tangent trajectory to give it a spin on the horizontal axis. So, the ball will fly along the arc and become a more difficult test for the goalkeeper. As a training, this technique is beaten at the gate, trying to get into certain zones, each time or changing the zone, or, on the contrary, leaving the same one for improving its accuracy.
  • Another necessary for every football player reception -it's head blows. Often, for lack of opportunity to play with the foot (the ball is too high above the ground), the player uses a header. The most important thing is an exact redirection of the ball's movement into the goal. When you hit the head, you should use the body weight, completely jumping out to the flying ball with the whole body. It is also necessary to use the body of the body to redirect the ball into the goal, turning the axis of the trunk towards the impact of the head. To train head blows, there is a good exercise: your partner throws the ball at a comfortable height for you, after which you are trying to demonstrate a strong and accurate shot at the goal with your head. Strive to hit not in the middle of the goal, but in the zones not accessible to the goalkeeper, for example, in the upper or lower corners.

Player Positions

  • Let's start, perhaps, with the most advantageous position,which is called a penalty. According to the rules, the player of the team, which has received the right to realize the penalty, has the opportunity to strike at the goal from 11 meters, and the defenders of the defensive team do not have the right to interfere with the blow or block the path of the ball. Thus, only the goalkeeper who can catch this ball remains between the player and the goal net. Penalty should be kicked, based on the technique, which we discussed above. The main thing is to choose the gate zone, where you are going to strike. The most advantageous position is the upper or the far corners.
  • The ball is in the penalty area. From the penalty area there are good prospects for attacking the gate. Having received the ball from the partner, it is necessary to try to quickly break through the goal, while the defenders "did not cover" the blow. The technique remains the same. Sometimes you can punch your head from the canopy (a pass sent to the player through the top from other areas of the football field).
  • Free kick. It is quite an advantageous position for putting a qualitative strike on the ball. Penalty appoint in those cases when the player of the defending team violated the rules outside the penalty area of ​​the gate. The goalkeeper has the right to expose the wall (the players stand in one row, overlapping the gate of their team in the field closer to the penalty spot). Again, the technical execution of a blow to the free gate area often leads to the most beautiful goals scored in any championships. In addition to the penalty, there are other standard provisions for the realization of your chance. In particular, a corner kick allows you to make a canopy directly to the opponent's gate, where any player of the attacking team can perform a spectacular header attack on the target.

Tactics of the game

A good attack, which ends with a goal,begins deep from the center of the field in its half. One of the instigators of the attack must be a player who sees the field well and arranges rivals. This man gives a pass to the free zone in someone else's half of the field. As a rule, the attacker who receives the ball does not keep it with him for a long time and immediately passes either to the flank or to an open partner in the center of the field. Thus, giving the exact transfer, the attacking team gets to the penalty area, from where you can strike an accurate shot at the goal and ultimately score a goal.

Also very popular tactics of the game through the flanks. The attacking team makes a long transfer or canopy to the flank. The player on the curb takes overclocking, thus overcoming the defense of the enemy team, which mostly accumulates in the center of the field. After the jerk is already closer to the edge of the football field, the attacker makes a canopy or chamber in the penalty area, from where the final blow is struck.

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