How to glue the mattress?

Vladislav Meriin
Vladislav Meriin
January 10, 2013
How to glue the mattress?

An air mattress is an inexpensive and comfortable thing. It can be taken not only at sea to swim, but also use it to make a bed in a tent. The compact size and low weight of inflatable mattresses have made them very popular among fans of outdoor recreation. Unfortunately, these mattresses have a rather significant drawback: they can be damaged, and it is quite simple, because any contact with a sharp object is dangerous for them. What to do in this case and how to seal the air mattress?

Looking for a puncture site

The first sign that your mattress needs to be repaired is the descent of air during operation. This suggests that somewhere there is a cut or a puncture. Your task is to detect this puncture.

Where to seal the mattress? You can lubricate the inflated mattress with soapy water to find a puncture site. In the place of damage you will see an inflated soap bubble. People with good hearing can try to find where in the mattress a hiss characteristic of the puncture site is heard.The easiest way to detect a puncture is to immerse the mattress in water. Air bubbles will come out of the puncture or cut, which will allow you to quickly and easily understand exactly where to stick the mattress.

How to seal the mattress: instructions

Today, many mattresses have one velor side, on which it is more pleasant to lie. If the puncture site was on it, you need to take fine sandpaper and gently clean the pile around the puncture site. Make sure that the stripping area is slightly larger than the damage area, otherwise you will not be able to seal your mattress tightly. After stripping, you need to degrease the patch bonding site. For degreasing, you can use medical alcohol, acetone, purified gasoline or solvent.

Most controversy arises around the question of how to seal the mattress. Usually in a set with a mattress manufacturers supply one patch. If not, you can go to the store and buy a special repair kit for such cases. In such a set, as a rule, there are several flock patches, glue and vinyl film for cases where you need to glue a smooth surface.If you were unable to buy such a kit, you can take any rubberized material and cut a patch of the appropriate size from it. To seal the mattress should not use super-glue, as it can damage the surface of the mattress. You'd better take a polyurethane adhesive - it is elastic enough and suitable for working with rubber.

The process of direct gluing is quite simple: glue must be applied to the mattress, but so that it does not get inside the hole. It is necessary to attach a patch to the puncture site and firmly press it. It is recommended to put the sealed place for a day under the press.

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