How to sell a website?

If you have created a good site, you need to think about selling it. It is worth noting that selling the site is not so simple. But if you follow some of the rules described in this article, you can try to sell the site and at the same time earn decent money.

Before selling the site, you need to decide on some aspects:

  • site price;
  • search for buyers;
  • sales process.

Site price

Creating a new project, you need to think about its value. You can evaluate it yourself, or you can ask for help from competent people. For example, register on the webmaster forum and ask them to rate your work.

It is worth noting that the price directly depends on the complexity of the project: from 100 to 1000000 rubles of the Russian Federation. More expensive are those sites that earn legally (and from the point of view of search engines, and from the point of view of current legislation).

The price of a site is always individual and can be formed from several factors: design, number of pages, site destination (business card, corporate site or online store).

Search for buyers

If you think about where to sell the site, the answer is obvious. You need to use specialized exchanges and forums.

Stock exchanges

Among the main exchanges, with the help of which you can sell the site, there are:

  • - a well-known and promising platform for the sale of sites. This site is widely popular among those who want to buy an untwisted site for little money. If you have a large and expensive site, selling it here is unlikely to succeed;
  • - a relatively new, but rapidly growing resource. This exchange allows one to sell, and others to buy a site for little money.


With the help of specialized forums, you can also quickly sell the site. Among them are:

  • - an old and stable forum where you can sell a new low-cost website, as well as a ready-made and popular business. Since many topics and posts are created daily, it is necessary to communicate with potential buyers through personal messages or by phone. Otherwise, your application may be lost.
  • - a forum for selling a site of an average price category, since there are mainly middle-income buyers on this forum.

When choosing a stock exchange or forum, it is necessary to pay attention to the attendance of a particular resource and its rating.

Sales process

In order to quickly and for decent money to sell your site, you must adhere to some rules:

  1. If you want to search for a long time buyer for your work, create an auction. Thus, you not only sell the site at a bargain price, but also quickly find a buyer.
  2. Transfer the domain from “.ru” to “.рф”, which will increase the number of people who want to purchase your site. It is worth remembering that this procedure can take up to 30 calendar days.
  3. Correct all errors and omissions. Even if your site is not in perfect condition, adjust it so that the errors are not visible to the naked eye.
  4. In order to increase the importance of the site, transfer it to a paid hosting (if it was registered for free).
  5. Specify the real value of the site, do not overstate it.
  6. If you are making transactions for the first time selling the site, use the resources where you can make transactions through the guarantor. This will allow you to avoid fraud attacks.
  7. Also, look for buyers yourself.In this case, you will save money on paying a percentage of the transaction and you will be able to find a more profitable client (since at the auction, knowledgeable people can drop the asking price).
  8. In order to quickly sell a site, it is necessary to correctly and correctly describe its advantages and put them in the lot description on the forum or stock exchange.
  9. If you find a suitable client, then be prepared for the fact that he may ask you to legally formalize the transaction and the transfer of the domain for its use. There is nothing wrong with that, just the buyer also wants to protect themselves from fraud.

If you take into account all our recommendations, you can find a suitable buyer for your work and make good money on it. Do not despair if you did not find a buyer in the first days, it means that you need to choose other options for his search.

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