How to sew a jumpsuit? Useful tips

Today, women's overalls have become very popular. It can be easily explained: firstly, it is fashionable and stylish, secondly, it is convenient and simple, and thirdly, it is universal. Before you sew a jumpsuit, you need to make a pattern and choose a beautiful to sew overalls

Fabrics for overalls

Fabrics can be used any, except for thick and coarse. In general, the material is selected according to the style of the product you choose. If you want to create an outfit for some solemn occasion, it is better to take a brilliant, iridescent fabric of bright color, and if you need a jumpsuit for everyday use, stretch, knitted materials of calm colors are perfect.

How to sew overalls for women

If you know how to work with a sewing machine, overlock and patterns, then sewing a jumpsuit will not be difficult for you. The main thing is to think about the style of your product and choose the appropriate fabric for it. The amount of tissue will depend on the model, the length of the product, the size of the hips and your height.You can also purchase accessories, chalk, locks, scissors, needles, thread in tone of fabric, non-woven. Last we need for sizing parts of the product. Before you start sewing overalls, make a pattern. But first take measurements. Drawing of the lower part and top of the product is recommended to do separately. In the process of sewing, these two parts will connect; at the junction, it will be possible to make an insert for the belt or a drawstring for the to sew overalls for the summer

Details to be considered before sewing a jumpsuit

how to sew overalls for womenBefore starting work on the pattern, it is necessary to note the location of the zippers, fasteners, pockets. If you make the jumpsuit too tight, then it can cause you some stiffness of movement, especially this will manifest during walking or squats.The bodice of the product very often has straps that connect at the neck or cross over the back, but you can not make them. Before you sew a jumpsuit, you need to decide on the length of the lower part - whether it will be shorts above the knee, breeches or long pants. Their form may also be different. So, you're done with the pattern.Now you can proceed to cutting the fabric, during which you need to pay attention to seam allowances. Every detail that you have finished cutting out, process the seam "zigzag" or overlock. Then sweep the details. Try on a piece before stitching seams. The main thing is to make sure that the overalls sat on you well. Now remove it and stitch all the seams. Carefully hem the bottom of the leg.

How to sew overallsand at the same time make it unique

overallsAfter you have finished assembling the product, start decorating it. This stage is the most enjoyable for many professionals and amateurs, as it is right now you can fully express your imagination. Use embroidery, braid, rhinestones or appliqué. When planning how to sew a jumpsuit for the summer, you can pay attention to inserts made of natural lace or guipure, this will give your product originality and special appeal.

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