How to smoke cigars?

How to smoke cigars?

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  5. How to smoke properly cigars
    How to keep a cigar?
    Do not hold a cigar between the index and middle finger like a cigarette, hold your index and thumb.
    Do I need to remove the bow from the cigar before I light it?
    It's up to everyone to make a bow or not, but know that in some public places it's considered rude and disrespectful to advertise that brand of cigars that you smoke, even if it's a secret to others.
    If you decide to remove the bow, do it after several minutes of smoking. Heat will help you remove the bow without any effort, because some manufacturers apply a little special glue on the bow.
    How correctly to light a cigar?
    You can light a cigar with a lighter or matches, but matches are preferable. Lighters slightly change the taste of a cigar. You can also use special matches to ignite cigars, which burn very slowly, because you need enough time to light a cigar.
    Make sure that the cigar is evenly flared, so that it does not happen when one part of the cigar burns faster than the other.
    Do I need to smoke a cigar?
    And how not to inhale anything. You should not smoke in a tightening. High alkalinity and low nicotine content will cause you to cough and, in addition, you can actually enjoy the taste of a cigar without puffing.
    How long does it take to smoke a cigar?
    To assess the taste of the cigar, smoke slowly, and slowly, otherwise it will lead to the heating of the cigar and damage to its taste. You have to hold the smoke in your mouth for a minute. If you smoke Corona, then you'll be gone about half an hour, and for big cigars such as Churchill and Double Corona for over an hour, so count your time.
    What should I do if the cigar stops burning?
    Do not worry, it's quite normal, especially if you've already had more than half of the skim. Shake off the ashes and set fire to the cigar again.
    How to smoke cigars? shake off

    Then, inhale to remove the cold smoke from the cigar and light the cigar as new. In this way, you can re-light a cigar, if it has not passed more than two hours since it went out. Longer cigars can be re-ignited a day later, provided that less than half of them are smoked.
    I was told that it's bad to shake ash from a cigar, why?
    There is no need to shake the ashes from the cigar. And, of course, there is nothing to worry about if he himself falls down.
    When I need to put out a cigar, I heard that it is impossible to smoke a cigar more than half?
    When a cigar begins to give off a lot of heat and leave a aftertaste in your mouth (usually the last 5 cm) this is the time to finish smoking. You can not extinguish a cigar like a cigarette, just leave the cigar in the ashtray and make sure it is out.

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