How to sow lawn grass? Sow lawn grass with your own hands

Before sowing lawn grass, you need to know what seeds to choose, how to carry out the planting process and how to prepare the place. So, we will consider everything in order.

Lawn varieties

how to sow lawn grassFirst, let's figure out how you can design your garden. There are such types of lawns:

- Meadow. It consists of flowering annual plants and is grown in parks.

- Parterny. For his planting applied varieties of herbs that are considered elite.

- Ordinary. For the cultivation of such a lawn, cheaper seeds are used, while the grass must have a strong root system and stem in order to be able to grow in difficult climatic conditions.

- Moorish. It looks like a meadow grass, only it can be planted only where the cultivated plants are not sown.

What are the requirements for raw materials?

Before sowing lawn grass, be sure to find out what it should be.So, the following requirements are imposed on plants:

1. Resistance to freezing.

2. Ability to vegetative reproduction.

3. The presence of a strong and branched root system, which can germinate in dense soil, and does not collapse.

4. Ability to germinate in certain climatic conditions.

5. Beautiful decorative qualities: color, height and density of shoots.

6. The ability to respond well to dressing and quick recovery of the carpet after mowing.

Which is better: a mixture or one type of seed?

planting lawn grassBefore sowing lawn grass, you need to decide which seeds you will use. You can use one type of plant or a mixture of several species. Most often, experts use monocultures without any additional impurities. However, if you decide to choose several types of seeds, then note that the plants must subsequently have the same height, texture and color.

Since sowing lawn grass is an interesting activity that requires a lot of effort and attention, we will deal with the requirements for mixtures. So, they should consist only of perennial plants.In addition, buying seeds, carefully read the instructions on the package. It indicates what climate the mixture is intended for, how to sow it correctly, and whether it has any guarantees of germination.

In addition, you can use several types of seeds if your site does not have very favorable conditions for organizing a lawn, or if you are not sure that one type of grass can provide a smooth and beautiful carpet.

How to choose the right place?

how to sow lawn grassSimply selecting the source material is not enough for your garden to later become beautiful and bright. Planting lawn grass requires determining the right place. At this stage, the area is also measured, which makes it possible to calculate the amount of required fertilizers and seeds.

In addition, lawn grass should be planted taking into account the boundaries of the garden plot. That is, plants should not “crawl out” to other adjacent territories (vegetable garden, neighboring lawn). And do not forget about other elements of landscape design: alpine slides, ponds. Please note that caring for plants should be convenient for you.

Features of soil preparation

best lawn grassThe best lawn grass is the one that is sown with your hands. However, before this procedure should prepare the soil. So, on that area where you are going to organize a lawn, construction should not be conducted. That is, all drainage channels and irrigation systems must be already equipped.

Now all weeds and litter should be removed from the plot. If the garden is large, then chemicals that are sold in stores can be used to remove unwanted plants. However, please note that this method takes time, so you need to use it in advance.

Before we sow lawn grass with our own hands, we will definitely prepare a fertile layer of soil. For this, the earth is mixed with fertilizers and other substances that will promote the growth of grass. The procedure is performed manually or with the help of special equipment.

The soil should be sufficiently loose and not contain large lumps. To level the territory a small rink is used. In other cases, you can just leave the area for several months alone. The level will level itself.

Features planting seeds

when to sow lawn grass in autumnIf you do not know when to sow lawn grass in the fall, then the best time is September. The fact is that this month the soil is already sufficiently moistened, it does not dry up, therefore, it is often not necessary to water the plants. Now consider how to sow lawn grass:

1. In order for the grass to grow evenly, it is necessary to scatter it on the soil surface with short hand movements. At the same time try not to use all the raw materials at once. It is better to divide it into two parts, with the first half scatter across the site, and the other half - along.

2. During sowing, it is not necessary to sow too thickly, although rarely throwing seeds is also not worth it. Your main task - the rapid formation of turf. If the blades of grass grow too close to each other, they will simply begin to ache and languish.

3. After sowing the plot, walk with a rake or a small cultivator. Otherwise, the seeds can peck birds.

4. The last tamping is done using a roller.

If you did everything right and the weather will be favorable, then in a week you will be able to see the first shoots. However, you will only learn whether you need to kill the seeds after 20 days. If the soil is dry, then it needs to be watered from time to time.But do not overdo it, since an excessive amount of moisture is detrimental to the growing plant.

After the grass has taken root, you need to remember to care for it: water, feed, destroy weeds, cut, thin out.

Features planting grass grown in the house

In order not to suffer from the seeds in your area, you can throw them in pots or other containers filled with earth. Naturally, the soil must be prepared. This whole procedure is done in the house. In this case, you are not worried about the destruction of seeds by birds or adverse weather conditions. Naturally, we must not forget to care for the grass.

In such conditions, you will have to carefully monitor the feeding and watering of plants. After sprouts reached about 5-8 centimeters, they can be planted on the site. Naturally, this should be done carefully, so as not to damage the root system. That is, remove the grass from the tank with the ground. Next, place it on the site and tamp.

Approach to landing should be carefully and carefully. Try to keep the grass uniform in height and density.

Features laying lawn turf

sowing lawn grass with your own handsThe presented type of plant cover is a plate of earth with grass. They are grown in special nurseries. You will not have to sow the seeds yourself. All the experts are farmers. How to sow lawn grass, you already know. Now you need to consider how to stack the rolls.

First of all, dry, but not hot weather should be established on the street. Next, the plates should be deployed and laid on the site so that they do not overlap each other (so that the carpet is solid and even). Now you can tamp mats. To do this, use a small rink. In this case, the cross seams should go in a staggered manner. Now everything is almost ready. It remains only to sprinkle very carefully the seams of fertile soil.

That's all the features of the correct seeding of lawn grass. Good luck!

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