How to store products?

If you have your garden or country plot,the problem of storing the crop: vegetables, fruits, berries, arises annually with an enviable regularity. After all, the refrigerating cabinet is one (well, in the extreme case - two), and the products intended for storage for the winter, quite a lot. In addition to vegetables, if you are inclined to stock up, then it's still: mushrooms (for more details, see How to store mushrooms), eggs (about this - in the material How to store eggs), greens (How to store greens), smoked products, fish (How to keep fish) . About how to store products without the help of a refrigerator for quite a long time, we will tell in this article. Let's start with vegetables. The main principle of selection is integrity and absence of rot and damage.


Before storing the tubersand dry (do not try to keep wet or wet potatoes, it will still very quickly disappear). The cellar is best for this operation. But if it does not exist, you can create good conditions before the onset of sub-zero temperature on a balcony or loggia (from 2 to 25 degrees at a humidity of up to 90 percent). In an apartment, potatoes are stored in a plywood box with holes in a dry dark place (for example, in a pantry). Periodically, it is necessary to touch it, discarding the beginners to decay the tubers and cutting off the shoots.


This root is quite fastidious. Carrots are stored at high humidity and low temperature (up to 3 degrees), while limiting air access. The best conditions are created in wooden thick-walled boxes. There the pyramids are packed with carrots and covered with sand. Read more about this in the article How to store carrots.


Also well preserved in boxes with sand (or with sawdust, peat). Before laying the roots, it is necessary to dry and cut off the leaves, but leave the petioles.

Onion and garlic

In storage, they are unpretentious. It is enough their dry feathers to braid in braids. Such "beads" of onions or garlic can be stored suspended in a dark cool and dry place. Warm air (for example, near the heating battery) prevents germination.

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