How to straighten hair without ironing?

Straight hair - the dream of many women, most often for straightening strands used iron. However, this eventually leads to fragility and dryness of curls, so you need to use a more gentle way. Below will be described how to straighten hair without ironing.

How can I straighten hair without ironing

There are ways by which you can straighten hair without ironing. They are considered gentle, and the curls after such manipulations do not look dull and lifeless.

How to straighten hair dryer

This method refers to thermal, but in contrast to the ironing it does not cause much damage to the curls. After all, the source of heat does not touch the hair, which means there will be much less damage. However, you will have to tinker with straightening curls with a hair dryer, especially at the beginning, since this method requires skill. It is important to know that the result of such a straightening is kept less in comparison with a curling or ironing, and the process itself takes more time.


  1. Wash your hair, apply on them a styling agent that does not require rinsing.
  2. Put a flat brush or a round brush on the hair dryer and start straightening your hair.
  3. Pull down the curls with a comb and blow on them with hot air. These movements you need to repeat with each strand to achieve the desired result.
  4. When you manage to achieve straight hair, apply locking agent to the curls. Thanks to this measure, it is possible to prolong the effect.

Straighten hair with a brush

You can straighten hair using a brush. This method is also called brushing. It is rather laborious, especially the first few times, but it does a minimum of damage to the curls.


  1. Wash your hair, take a brush, comb it back and fix it in this position with a crab.
  2. Separate small strands, starting from the back of the head, and brush them off the roots. At the same time they need to dry with a hairdryer.
  3. Once you have processed all the curls, blow-dry the temporal areas, the top of the head, and the area of ​​the forehead.
  4. Each dried strand fix spray for shine, and better light varnish.

Chemical hair straightening methods

In beauty salons you can find a service called keratin straightening. During this procedure, a keratin-containing agent is applied to the hair.Then the composition is washed off and sealed in the structure of the hair with the help of ironing. As a result, you can forget about straightening for a few months, and your hair will be not only straight, but also shiny. This procedure is expensive, but it can even be called useful for curls. After all, for a long time you will not need to dry them with an iron.

There are other ways to straighten hair with the help of chemicals. During the procedures, special formulations are applied to the curls, due to which the strands cease to curl for six months. At home, to do this procedure is not recommended, because the master evaluates the condition of the hair before applying a chemical agent, and then washes it off with a special shampoo. This method of hair straightening is considered expensive, since you need to apply several products to the curls, and the master must evaluate the condition of the hair in order to minimize the harmful effects of the formulations.

More advice on how to achieve straight curls can be found in our article - How to make hair straight.

If after all for you hair straightener is the best tool, it is better to choose the one that will cause the least damage to the curls.

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