How to take blood?

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How to take blood?

When you are sick, any doctor will always prescribe you a complete blood count. How much blood do they take? For accurate detection of the disease, it is usually necessary to take 10 ml. blood. But it is very important not only the quantity, but also the quality of the procedure. In this article, you will learn how and from where blood is taken, and what are the ways of taking it.

How to take blood?

A lab technician can take the blood from a finger, but if you need to donate blood from a vein, then only a qualified nurse should do this. The room should be sterile, the gloves should be worn on the hands of the nurse.

It is important that you prepare yourself before donating blood. This means that you do not need to physically load yourself up to the procedure, eat food, take alcohol, smoke, be nervous.

Immediately before the blood collection, the staff in the clinic should provide you with a ten-minute rest. Before the procedure, you must take a sitting position, if the state of health does not allow this, then you are allowed to lie down. If the medical staff noticed that you violated the rules of blood donation (drinking alcohol, smoking ...), then the date of analysis should be postponed to another day.

Most often because of the convenience of the fence using the veins from the forearm. These veins are usually clearly visible. For convenience, veins are chosen according to their degree of mobility. The most convenient are those veins that are inactive. This is the average vein of the elbow or external surface.

It happens that the elbow veins are poorly visible, then blood is taken from the popliteal cavity.

People with diabetic disease (there is a violation of peripheral blood flow) to take blood from the veins in the legs is not recommended.

You should not take blood in places with damaged skin and in places of scars.

For blood sampling, you must purchase a disposable blood collection system, disposable syringes with needles (needle diameter 0.55-0.65 mm), rubber band, a test tube, disposable sterile gloves, cotton wool, and alcohol.

How to take blood from newborns?

In newborns, blood is taken from the temporal veins. You yourself might have noticed that when screaming, these very veins in children swell up and are quite clearly visible. It is very convenient, such a procedure is very quick and practically painless for a baby. There is also the practice of taking blood from the heel of an infant.

How to take blood from a vein?

  • Put the harness on the middle third, we will stop the blood flow.
  • The place of the future injection in the elbow is smeared with alcohol.
  • The patient alternately bends - straightens his fist.
  • Slice up, pierce the vein and slowly slowly along the vessel, insert the needle, not more than a third the size of the needle.
  • To the needle cannula substitute the tube and release the blood in the right quantity.
  • Remove the harness. Now you can unclench fist.
  • Remove the needle, and in place of the injection apply cotton wool with alcohol.
  • Quickly bend the arm in the joint, press to the chest. So the bleeding will stop.
  • A direction is immediately applied to the filled test tube.

What and how to take blood from a finger?

In the clinic take blood from a finger with the help of a medical "pen." There are also modern clinics where blood is taken from a finger with very thin automatic needles.

Do you want to see with your own eyes how blood is taken? You can find the video on the Internet and see this procedure with your own eyes.

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