How to take water?

Water plays a huge role in the life of all beings,living on the Earth. For this reason, you need to consume a certain amount of water a day to avoid dehydration. How to take water will be described below.

How to take spring water

Spring water is famous for its useful properties, it is also called live. After all, it passes a huge number of natural degrees of purification, there are no harmful impurities in it.

Spring water can be drunk in unlimitedquantity, it will only benefit the body. Only the source must be checked for harmful impurities and bacteria. After all, the source of the source is different. So, for example, it should not be near a landfill or industrial facilities, otherwise it will not be useful from such spring water, because it will contain bacteria and metal salts.

How to drink mineral water

Many have heard about the benefits of mineral water,therefore there is an opinion that it can be drunk without restriction. However, this can not be said about all minerals. First of all, it is necessary to understand the impurities present in the water. If there are less than 2 g per liter, then the mineral water refers to the dining room, and it is allowed to drink every day.

But when there is from 2 to 10 grams in water, itis considered a medical-canteen. She is allowed to use without prescribing a doctor, but you should not get involved. It is best that the course does not exceed 3 weeks, otherwise the effectiveness of water exposure is significantly reduced.

In therapeutic mineral waters contains saltsmuch more - up to 20, and sometimes up to 50 g per liter. They are used only as prescribed by the doctor. That's why before buying a mineral water you need to learn its label, and after that, make a decision.

How to drink holy water

Holy water is considered curative, so the churchrecommended its use for healing from ailments. You should drink it on an empty stomach in the morning, after that you must always pray. You need to do three sips, not more, then the pain will soon recede.

It is also recommended to add a little bit of holy water to ordinary tap water. You can drink it and cook food on it. Such a measure will allow to be healthy, as the liquid becomes curative.

More information about drinking water can be found in our article - How to drink water.

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