How to tie a bag?

Beautiful knitwear has always been in fashion. Recently, all attracted not only knitted clothing, but bags, bracelets and hats. As a material for knitting, in addition to yarn, even plastic bags are used. Bags made of polyethylene look quite original and serve for a long time.

Bag of packages


Before you tie the bag, you need to prepare the material - buy bright colored plastic bags or trash bags of a light shade. Packages stack a stack of 6 pieces, then along in half. Cut into strips of 3 cm in width, connect them with nodes and wind up into a ball.

Operating procedure

Crochet number 5 is required for knitting. The starting circle consists of 6 air loops. Further, a cap of crochets is knitted over it. Three loops are added to each row. It is necessary to tie two caps of two different colors, then sew them.

Handle knit from the same material. Its length should be at least 40 cm. First, we collect 6 air loops, and then we knit in a circle with columns without a single crochet.We sew a handle to the bag, decorate it with buttons, a chain, decorative flowers. This bag is very convenient for daily trips to the store or to the beach.

In order to tie the bag with your own hands, you do not need to spend a lot of money. As a result, you will receive not only a beautiful and practical thing, but also a lot of pleasure from the process itself.

Bags of yarn

Knitted bag is a very stylish accessory that can be ideally suited to many items of clothing. Also, knitting itself is an opportunity to show your creativity and surprise others with your ability to create beautiful things. Handbags can be completely knitted from yarn using various motifs, may include accessories, such as buckles or straps.

It is easy to tie the bag, can be found on the Internet. In addition, it is advisable for beginners to familiarize themselves with the basics of crochet, set out in the article “How to learn to crochet?”.

Bright bag

We offer you the easiest way to knit a bright bag. To do this, you need 200 g of yarn "Narcissus" in red, half a meter of fabric (for lining), hook No. 4, wooden beads for decoration and ready-made handles (preferably also wooden).

First dial a chain length of 16 cm. Tie her with columns without crochet. The resulting part should be about 52 cm long. It folds in half. Then knit in height (28 cm.) Without additions. For pens, you need to associate two strips of columns with two naquids. With their help we attach wooden handles to the bag. Sew on wooden beads for decoration.

Bag with daisies

Next, we will tell you how to crochet a bag on a summer theme. Prepare 200 grams of white yarn "Pearl", a little yellow thread and hook number 3. To knit tight, fold the thread three times.

  • First you need to dial a chain of 40 air loops. Around her do three rows of columns without nakida. When cornering, do not forget to add 4 loops, then knit 16 rows of double crochets.
  • The handle (length - 45 cm.) Fits like this: dial 12 air loops, on top - columns without crochet. Sew the handle to the bag. In the middle, on 32 loops of one wall for the lid, it is necessary to tie 11 rows of double crochets. Then 5 more rows, but diminishing in each row one air loop.
  • Such a bag can be decorated with knitted daisies. Using the yellow yarn, tie a ring of 4 air loops.The first row consists of 8 single crochets. To knit the second row, take the white yarn. From each loop we knit a single crochet column and 8 air loops. These flowers need 7 pieces, they are sewn on the edges of the bag.

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