How to tie a dress with knitting needles?

Knitting is one of the most favorite activitiesmany women. Knitted dresses are in the wardrobe of every woman. In order to diversify your wardrobe, read how to tie various dresses and read the diagrams. Knitted needles must adorn your wardrobe.

How to knit with a warm dress tunic

For knitting you will need: 125 grams of wool, knitting needles No. 4 and hook No. 4. It is worth noting that when knitting with woolen yarns, you should put 4-5 thin yarns into one and then knit. First, you need to tie an openwork pattern. It is made up of shortened rows in accordance with the scheme

Knitting Pattern Knitting Patterns

Begin with the loops before the rapport,repeating them 3 times, it is necessary to finish with loops after the rapport. In the shortened rows, it is necessary to turn the work in front of the hinges with the crochet, and in the next facial line the nape is tied together with the subsequent loop: from 1 to 64 the series must be repeated 3 times. It should be noted that due to the shortened rows, a molded shape is obtained. In order to tie the back and front of the tunic, you need to dial 112 loops on the knitting needles and tie 1 purl.

It should also be noted that knittingdress-tunic implies one important point. The fact is that in the shortened rows one should not knit the loops of the facial smoothness after the tracery pattern. For the armhole on the left edge, add 1 more loop at the end of the 3 rows and add 1,2,3 loops at the end of each subsequent row of rows, respectively. The openwork pattern from the left edge will be finished through 33 rows, and from the right - 25 rows. Then the middle of the back will be reached. The height of the neck edge is 47 rows. The backbone must be terminated symmetrically, for this, instead of the additions, it is necessary to perform decrements. After 159 rows from the set edge, it is necessary to start symmetrically for the armhole. When assembling, perform shoulder seams at a distance of 4 cm from the armhole, then make side seams and tie the armholes with a double thread using a hook. Look at the pattern of tunic dresses below.

Pattern of dress-tunic

How to knit an openwork dress

To do this you need: cotton yarn 135 grams, knitting needles 4. The back of the dress is knitted with a pattern "Triangle". Its detailed scheme is shown below.

Knitting Pattern for Knitwork

It is necessary to dial 104 loops and associate 167 rows. Then, on both sides, loosen 1 loop, and then carry out a reduction of 1 loop each 6 rows. At a height of 120 rows from the beginning of the product, you should begin to knit the armhole armholes. To do this, you need to decrease the loop from both sides as follows: 1 time in 3 loops, 3 loops of 2 loops and 7 loops per 1 loop.

At the height of 214 rows it is necessary to make a neck. Enough to close the average 36 loops. Now each side of the product must be knitted separately. Next, you need to connect the shoulder slopes at a height of 250 rows. The remaining hinges should be closed. Knowing how to tie a dress with knitting needles, we proceed to join the side and shoulder seams.

How to tie a dress for girls with raglan sleeves

Very popular are relatedknitting needles for children. They are very convenient and practical. For knitting you will need: cotton threads of red color - 150 grams and white color - 150 grams, hooks No. 2, 2,5 and 3. First you need to collect a chain from the air loops. Its length should correspond to the circumference of the neck opening. On the sleeves and before should be on the sixth part of these loops, on the back - a third of the total, on the sleeves - 5 loops. Knitting must begin with white threads.

Now we need to collect a sleeve and a coquette with a crochet. After completing the mating of the first row, two more rows should be laid, forming a recess of the neck. After this, the rows must be tied from beginning to end, while making the increase of the loops in each row near the lines of the sleeve by 1 column with a crochet. At the end of the knitting of the coquette, a series of columns should be carried out.

Next, you must enter a red threadand continue knitting the back, shelves and sleeves. Knit them in the following order: the third part - hook number 2, the next third of the hook number 2, 5 and the final part of the hook number 3. At the end of the work, you need to trim the dress with a harness along the neckline, then sew the product along the side seams. You can easily knit a dress for a girl with knitting needles. The scheme is presented below.

Knitting pattern for girls

Knitting pattern for girls

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