How to tie a hat to a boy?

For those who know how to use knitting needles andcrochet, it is not difficult to supplement the wardrobe of the child with a new hat. In different prints, there are a lot of knitting schemes for hats, but how to choose the one that fits, and at the same time, so that it is not particularly difficult to perform. This article will tell you how to tie a hat to a boy using both knitting needles and a hook.

A cap tied on two spokes

Need for work needles number 3 and acrylic thread. Then follow our advice, which will help to tie a hat for a boy, aged 1-2 years:

  • Begin with a visor, for this we type on knits38 stitches, we sew a series of facial and then go to a dress code (faces and out ranks - facial loops). For the bevels, we put together the last 2 loops in each row. When there are 25 loops left, the edge is closed.
  • Now we knit the ears, for this we type on the needles 2fold 3 loops to knit at the same time. These will be strings. We fix them with garter stitch, 20 cm. Then we add, beginning with 1 loop, in each row with the help of broaches from the previous row. When we get 17 loops, we finish the additions and we sew another 6 cm with garter stitch.
  • For knitting the very cap, we type 14 loops +tying in one eye + typing 8 more loops + tying up the visor loops + 8 more loops + tying in 2 eyelets + typing another 13 loops. Next, we knit 5 rows of facial smoothness, then add in the next rows of purl loops to increase the total number of loops by 2 times. After that, we sew 16 rows with a pattern of alternating loops: 2 faces. - 2 str. In the following series, we begin to gradually decrease, for this we sew together the back straps. As soon as 15 loops are obtained, we cut off the thread and pull all the loops together.
  • We perform the back seam, strengthen the visor and decorate the cap with a large pompon on top and small on the strings.

A hat bound on circular knitting needles

Tie the knitting cap for the boy is not difficult, tothe same, circular knitting needles doubly advantageous: a whole fabric is obtained, which then does not need to be stitched, and in the future it will be convenient for the child to put on a hat and not look for the back seam. Age - 7-8 years. Need circular knitting needles, No. 2 or 3, depending on the thickness of the thread, and the thread itself, preferably acrylic or cotton.

  • We begin to knit with rubber bands (1 person - 1 from). To do this, dial 140 loops, bind 1 row and close in the ring. We knit 12 cm to have a stock on the lapel.
  • The main part of the cap is knitted with a facial smoothness, which in 6-10 rows can be decorated with a thread of a different color or by untying a simple pattern from alternating front and back loops.
  • When the desired height of the cap is reached, the edge is closed and the top is assembled, sewing the canvas folded. If you want, you can decorate the top with a pompom or brush.


You can tie a cap to a boy by crocheting for one or twoevenings. You need to take the hook number 2 and soft threads (acrylic, cotton, cashmere). The finished hat will be for a child of 1-2 years, so you can pick up for its decoration colored elements.

  • We dial 6 air loops, connect them in a ring. Then we unfasten from each joint 2 tbsp. s / n, and so on until you get a circle with a diameter of 10 cm.
  • The main part is knitted without adding to the desired depth of the cap. Then we leave the hinges of the front part and we sew the back, 3 rows of st.s / n.
  • We tie the ears on an arbitrary pattern and tie the edge of the cap with a contrasting thread st.b / n. It remains only to make up the tie (twist the thread or tie chains from the air loops).
  • As an ornament, you can pick up colored details or tie small elements, in the form of animal muzzles with eyes and ears, and sew them.

Now you know all about how to connect yourson's hat. This is not only a pleasant hobby, but also an amazing manifestation of maternal care. Since things created by their own hands are always warmer and more pleasant to wear. We wish good luck to you and your children's health!

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