How to tie a long scarf?

The scarf is a very interesting clothes wardrobe. This is a multifunctional thing that is able to decorate and complement any thing, to give you charm and beauty, to create a chosen style along with others and so on. Scarf can be appropriate in any situation and place, where only it is not found, in the campaign, at the wedding, at the stadium, at the funeral, on the yarn. It will help warm you up in a fierce winter or decorate your evening outfit. Silk scarf will give you some riddle and flirtation during a holiday at sea or will cheer up the gray autumn weekdays.

Almost everyone has a long knitted scarf,not everyone knows how to tie it. Many even do not realize that there are different ways of tying. Most often we wind it around the neck so that it does not blow through the winter days.

The versatility of the scarf depends oncorrectness of its use, ability to combine, and also to tie. Let's look at how beautiful it is to tie a long scarf - there are several ways that you can use to beat your long scarf.

Ways of tying long scarves

  • A simple single knot. This method does not require you any special skills. It's very fast, simple and convenient. This method is most suitable for narrow scarves, and any structure. Scarf wrap around the neck in such a way that both ends are in front, knotted from the knot. To get a more stylish look, the site should not be made very tight.
  • The European knot. Another popular way of tying long scarves. This method is suitable for people of any age, be it a teenager or an adult man. Take the scarf and fold it in half, throw it over your neck and thread the ends of the scarf from the other side into the loop obtained from one side.
  • Double knot. This method is most applicable in the coldest winter days, as it will give you warmth and additional comfort. The resulting knot goes well with warm clothes, which is important. Take the scarf and pounce it around the neck in such a way that one end is longer than the other. The long end is wrapped around the neck two times. Try not to tighten the scarf very much, otherwise it will be inconvenient. We hide the ends under the clothes or leave them hanging so at ease.

The described types of nodes show well howtie a long scarf. But in the wardrobe women often meet not only long warm scarves, there are also handkerchiefs, thin scarves, which also need to be able to tie and correctly combine with clothes.

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