How to tie a sling?

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How to tie a sling?

After birth, the baby is under great stress, falling into an unknown and incomprehensible world for him. It is much easier for him to adapt if his mommy is always there, if he can hear the beating of her heart and feel the warmth of her body and the smell of her own. Such a wonderful invention of mankind as a sling will help in this.

Sling (eng. Sling - sling) is a long piece of fabric, adapted to carry the child on itself. In wide sale it appeared as an alternative to kangaroo backpacks, but in fact, even in the times of Ancient Russia, women wore their children in headbands resembling a modern sling.

Sling allows the mother to free her hands and at the same time always be near the child. Using the sling, she can wear the baby in a variety of positions from birth to two years. You can change the position of the child without removing it from the sling - this will correctly and evenly distribute the load on the baby’s back and help the mother to be less tired.

Types of slings

  • A sling with rings is about 2 meters of fabric, on one side of which rings are attached. They serve as a kind of clasp and adjustment mechanism in the sling.
  • Sling-scarf - this fabric is even longer than in a sling with rings, from 2 to 6 meters. It is fixed by the method of “wrapping” around the parent.
  • Sling tube or pocket - the fabric in the form of a ring that is worn over the shoulder.
  • Sling-May is a rectangle of fabric, straps are attached in the corners.
  • Ombuhimo - this sling looks like May, but instead of straps it has fabric rings or loops.

How to learn to use a sling?

To master the art of wearing sling should be gradually. You need to start by studying the instructions, see all the options. You can practice on a toy and choose the most convenient position for you. This is the most important condition - convenience for the baby and mother. It is necessary that nothing is pressed, that the child does not slip out and that its head does not fall out.

In order to check whether you did everything correctly, go to the mirror. Check whether the fabric fits everywhere, everything is in order. If so, you can let go of the baby. To get the child accustomed to the sling, try to breastfeed right in it.

To fully adapt the baby can take from two days to a week. Do not despair if it does not immediately come out and the baby is stubborn.This means that you need to show a little more patience, and you will certainly achieve the desired result! On how to tie a sling, the video will give the most accurate picture, but perhaps you will only need to read the instructions.

If your baby is not yet three months old, then the optimal position for him is a “cradle” or a “column”. Let us consider in detail how to tie these two most popular types of sling.

Sling Scarf

The classic version of the sling is a sling-scarf. The following contains a step-by-step description of how to tie a sling-scarf.

Cradle (sling-scarf)

  1. Straighten the middle part of the sling on the stomach.
  2. On the shoulder throw the edge of the sling so that the cross.
  3. Do the same with the other end of the sling.
  4. The resulting "cradle" should be exactly in the middle of the abdomen.
  5. Slip the edges of the sling under the cradle crosswise. There will be a baby.
  6. On the back we tie the edges.
  7. The baby is laid on the inner layer of the “cross” in the position of lying on the back or on the flank, and the outer layer should be smoothed.

Sling with rings

A completely different look is a sling with rings. If you have such a sling, how to tie with rings, described in the following instructions.

Column (sling with rings)

  1. Place the rings on the shoulder so that after pulling up they move closer to the neck. The bottom of the sling should be near the thigh.
  2. It turned out "bag". The inner edge should be turned up.
  3. We apply the child to the shoulder on which there are no rings, and gently place it in the “bag”. The kid himself will hold down the legs and take a position in which he is comfortable.
  4. All the edges and the middle part of the sling are tightened so that the fabric tightly holds the back of the baby and presses it to your body.
  5. To check the security you need to check whether the inner edge is tightly tightened so that the baby does not fall out.

In the sling you can wear the baby and on the back. Consider the description of the use of sling with rings in the form of a backpack:

  1. Place the sling rings on the shoulder, the lower part - at the level of the thigh.
  2. In the middle of the back place the pocket where the baby will sit.
  3. Move the "pocket" forward.
  4. We put the child on the shoulder, on which there are no rings, and place it in the sling as if we want to put him on the thigh.
  5. The top side of the sling should be placed near the baby’s neck.
  6. Together with the baby, we drag the whole structure onto the back.
  7. We correct the legs so that the child is comfortable.
  8. We stretch the upper and lower sides of the sling. Check how tightly the child is pressed against you.

In the end result, the baby should sit exactly in the middle of your back, his knees should be placed above the priests.

After reading the instructions, you already have an idea how to tie a sling. Practice a little and everything will work out!

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