How to turn the video: step by step instructions

Many people are interested in how to turn the video. It would seem, what nonsense! But such knowledge may be needed at any time. Of course, for this there is a special software that allows you to easily perform any actions with video files. But first you need to figure out how to work with such programs.

how to flip a video


Before you start video processing, you need to throw it on a computer or laptop. You can do this through a flash drive. By itself, the need to turn over the video file does not happen so often, but if you were shooting on a mobile phone that was in an upside-down state, then the video on the computer will be displayed incorrectly. Sometimes the top is kicked, and sometimes rotated 90 degrees. The same applies to DVRs: sometimes viewing the footage is simply impossible. The program must be selected based on the file extension, since not every software can work with the same video.In principle, there can be a lot of reasons, we will try to consider each of them. After reading this article, you will understand how to turn the video, and you can do it yourself, without third-party help.

Why there is such a problem

how to flip a videoThe fact is that the recording device may be located incorrectly, which leads to the appearance of an inverted image. It is clear that if you position the camera in the wrong way, it will still be removed, but the result will be completely different from what you expected. But that's not all. Sometimes it's all the fault of the operating system and the "broken" registry. If you are constantly working with video, you probably know that such a problem may occur after encoding or decoding a file. In particular, due to the fact that there were various kinds of failures in the process. It is worth paying attention to the fact that most modern players, which have the ability to play videos of various formats, are equipped with a function that allows you to rotate in steps of 90 degrees. Some of these programs work automatically, that is, they do all the necessary work for you. But so far this kind of software is quite rare.

What to turn the video?

There are lots of options. Starting from regular programs of your operating system, which are installed with Windows in 90% of cases, and ending with free software. Let's look at a few utilities that allow you to achieve a positive result without much time and effort.what to turn video

VLC player- very useful program. To flip a video with it, you do not need to puzzle for a long time. It is installed with the Russian interface, so everything is very clear there. First of all, you need to add a file with which we will work. Then go to the tools tab. There you will see the line “Tools and Filters”, which is what we need. The same window can be called up with the Ctrl + E hot key combination, which, in principle, is very convenient and fast. After you move on, you will need to bring up the Video Effects menu. We press on the line "Geometry", look for the item "Turn". If your video is rotated 180 degrees, then select the appropriate value, etc. Here, in principle, and all on the VLC-player.

Some more useful programs.

program to flip videoThere is still a lot of free software that allows us to achieve the desired result.By the way, they forgot to say that the above player allows you to flip the video while watching, which is very convenient. It is advisable to remember that still better to shoot right away. This is because when cornering suffers quality. But we digress. Go ahead.

VirtualDub can be considered as a good software for working with multimedia. The set of functions of the program is so large that you can at the same time process the file, transcode it and do much more. You can also use regular programs, such as WMM (Windows Movie Maker). Be careful when installing such utilities, it is advisable to use only the official website, and if the version is paid, then download other software, the benefit of such programs is enough. Also a good solution could be Free Video Flip and Rotate. Just select the desired file and specify how many degrees you would like to flip the video.

How to turn the video in "VKontakte"?

This question is often asked by users of this particular social network. The fact is that there is the ability to view the video. Moreover, most of the videos are downloaded by the users themselves, but they shoot it in vertical mode on the phone, then somehow.All this contributes to the fact that you start the player and understand that you need to first turn the image, and just watch. But here everything is extremely simple, so you should have no difficulties. After you have started watching the video, look in the lower right corner of the player. There is an icon there, if you hover on it, then you will see the inscription "Invert". You are offered several provisions. After clicking you will see the changes, if that is enough - continue browsing. If not, press again. Here you can change the quality, both for the better and for the worse.

program to flip video

Learning to use the program VirtualDub

As noted above, this is a free software that allows you to work with video. Despite the fact that the interface is in English, there should be no difficulties, since everything is done in just a few clicks. As always, you need to add the video first. After that, select the tab "Video". There you will see a few lines, we need under the name "Filtres". You can also use hotkeys: in the main menu of the program, press Ctrl + F. You will see a window in which you need to select "Add", that is, "Add".After that, click on the "rotate", and then "ok." That's all, it remains to choose the angle of rotation (90, 180 or 270 degrees). Save the result and enjoy watching.

Some useful recommendations

As noted above, it is not recommended to shoot video in the vertical position of the device, in particular a mobile phone. It is also advisable to remember that it is better to rotate the file once clockwise by 90aboutrather than 2-3 times counterclockwise, by the same number of degrees. So you will achieve the best result, because the decline in quality will not be as noticeable. If you are going to engage in professional processing, then start with the most simple programs containing the minimum number of functions, and then go on to more complex ones. Thus, you will be able to master and remember the maximum of useful information. You probably have already understood that there are a lot of ways to turn a video. However, it is strongly recommended to use the programs listed in this article. They can be downloaded from the official site, which guarantees the absence of viruses. This software works stably and without failures, and also has great functionality.

how to just flip the video


In some cases, it is possible to rotate directly on a mobile phone, but this applies to modern devices of the latest generations. And that, it is available only when special applications are installed. However, you can use this function and save yourself from a headache in the future. Much depends on your operating system. For example, Win XP in the standard assembly includes software that allows you to do everything we need with the video. If you are using Windows 7, you will have to download the program from the Internet. A good solution would be Movie Maker, especially for not very powerful computers and laptops, when every 100 megabytes of RAM is of great importance. Here, perhaps, and everything that can be said on this topic.

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