How to upgrade flash player?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
August 16, 2012
How to upgrade flash player?

Neither social networks, nor entertainment portals, like most other sites, however, can’t do without flash movies, flash games, flash banners and so on. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that sometimes the question arises how to upgrade the flash player.

If your flash player is outdated or not installed at all, the browser will not be able to display it when it finds a new flash movie and will inform you about it, offering to install a new version. You just need to click OK, and a small window with a download bar will appear.

When the download is complete, the READY button on the window will light up. Some users mistakenly believe that this is all, and click on it. And then they are offended that the player does not work.

On the specified window, you need to find a small box and put a tick on it, thus confirming that you have read and agree with the license agreement. After that, the INSTALL button will become available (and bright). Here you need to click on it.

After installation, you will be offered a choice: whether to install updates automatically (recommended), report on the availability of a new version, do not check for updates (not recommended). Choose what you need and click DONE.

Some users are concerned about the question of whether and how to update the flash player for free? Do not worry, both the flash player itself and updates are free for it. If you are demanded money for them, it means that you have fallen for fraudsters.

Sometimes it happens that errors occur in the work of the flash player, and it can not be updated on its own, so you need to know how to update the Flash player manually. To do this, follow the link. On this page you will see which version you have installed and which version you can download, as well as the download link.

After downloading, run the file. You do not need to delete the old version.

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