How to use a condom?

It would seem an uncomplicated thing, but does everyone know how to properly use a condom? Let's take a closer look at this procedure:

  • We make sure that the shelf life of the product has not expired.
  • We check the integrity of the foil (packaging) of the condom.
  • We tear one corner of the package so that the condom does not get damaged.
  • With the thumb and forefinger, squeeze the accumulator, releasing air out of it, and bring the contraceptive to the erect penis.
  • We tighten the foreskin back and, holding the drive with one hand, with the other we unfold the condom in the direction of the base of the penis along the entire length.
  • After ejaculation, we take out the penis, holding the product at the base so that it does not slip off.
  • Remove the condom.
  • We fix the used contraceptive, preventing semen from flowing out of it.
  • We place the used condom in the bin, in any case, do not flush it into the toilet.

How to use a condom safely

The product is disposable, its reuse is not allowed. Attention should be paid to the shelf life of the condom and the tightness of its packaging. In no case can not unpack the condom packaging with scissors or other sharp objects - this can damage the product. It should be remembered that, despite the apparent strength, the tightness of a contraceptive can suffer even from jewelry or nails.

The condom is put on the penis in an excited state. However, it should be distributed over the entire length of the male sexual organ evenly. This will prevent product rupture when used. The air present in the accumulator can cause a contraceptive to rupture during intercourse, and the use of a condom outside the vagina may result in damage or slippage.

Some more tips

In the early stages of penile erection, there may be sperm or infections such as HIV, hepatitis B, chlamydia, genital herpes, gonorrhea, or syphilis. Vaginal secretions can also be dangerous, so contact with a female’s unprotected penis is dangerous both before and after sexual intercourse.It is not recommended to use petrolatum, lotions, as well as various fats as a lubricant with the condom. Such "experiments" can end with the dissolution of latex and the violation of the integrity of the product. During intercourse, it is necessary to control the position of the condom on the penis. If the contraceptive has slipped off, it is necessary to interrupt sexual intercourse and use a new condom.

The most common material for the manufacture of condoms is natural latex, which is an allergen for a small category of people. Discomfort after using a contraceptive is a weighty argument in favor of a visit to the doctor. A burning sensation and irritation of the mucous membrane can also cause spermicidal lubricant in some people. Such symptoms should also be the basis for a visit to a dermatologist. It is recommended to store condoms in a cool dry place, away from solvents, fats, heat and direct sunlight.

And finally, we remind you that condoms cannot give a 100% guarantee, both from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy.They only reduce the risk of these troubles.

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