How to use Audacity?

For many years now, there has been a very useful program for vocalists and just music lovers of people. This program is called Audacity. It is designed to change the voice of a person. In it, you can make your voice softer and more tender, as if it is silk or, on the contrary, give it a certain brutality and rigidity. It all depends on the musical work that you perform. As for the functionality, this program is not difficult to use, and you will quickly learn all its capabilities. But still, how to use the program Audacity? We will answer you this question in our article.

Naturally, like any other program, Audacity has its own toolbar. All tools are signed up so you can quickly identify them.


  • Highlight. With this tool, you select that part of the track that you need to change. This is the most basic and original tool. If you select the entire voice, you may have to select the entire file at once or in its individual parts, where exactly your voice is.
  • Change envelope. This is also a very important feature.Since with this very useful tool you make the sound appear smooth and attenuate as well.
  • Change samples. The name itself says what this tool does (changes samples). That is, it changes the sound fragment of a small volume. This is also a function of the Audacity program. How to use this function and others is described in detail in our article.
  • Scaling. This tool either increases or decreases a specific portion of the selected audio file. When you change the original length, the sound will also be changed. This should always be considered.
  • Shift time track. This function gives you the opportunity to move the road builders and with this produces their more correct reproduction. And if you work with several sound tracks or files, then this tool is your “magic wand”.
  • The universal tool is similar in functionality with the tool "change samples", although its editing is possible only on specifically selected parts of the file.

Secondary tools

In addition to the basic functions in this program, there are also familiar all functions “copy”, “cut”, “paste” ... These functions can be found in the “Edit” panel.You will also find typical commands if you open the Control Audacity panel.


In order to be able to change your voice, you need to perform not one, but several different actions. It all depends on what you want to achieve in working with this program.

  • make sure your devices work properly: microphone, headset
  • choose in the menu "New File"
  • Start recording, press the “record” button, after recording “stop”
  • then select the desired track fragment and go to the “Effect” menu, click “OK”, then select “Normalize” and “Equalization” and also confirm.
  • Click on the “Edit” menu, then “Preferences”. You need to select “Quality” in the list that appears and check that the “Default Sample Rate” is at 44100Hz.
  • then select the item “File Formats” and check that the sound format is Bit Rate, stands at 64. Next, select the item “Find Library”. We are looking for the file "Lame Encoder" and "click" with the mouse twice. Then we export this file to Mp3, in the “File” tab. We hope you enjoyed the Audacity program. How to use this program, we told you, it remains only to download it and start practicing. We also advise you to go on. There you will also find a lot of useful information about this topic.

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