How to use silicone molds for candles

A small candlelight can help get rid of unpleasant thoughts, calm down and tune in to a good mood. Her light fills any evening with a beautiful aura and romance. Perhaps that is why a candle is considered an excellent holiday gift. Especially made with love with their own hands. To make such a gift, it is enough to buy wax or paraffin, beautiful silicone molds for candles and a thread for the wick. This is a great hobby, able to carry away for long hours, and a wonderful gift for your loved ones.

silicone molds for candles

The story of the candle

The story of the appearance of the first candles as sources of illumination dates back to antiquity. Five thousand years ago, candles were already used in ancient Egypt. Then for their manufacture they used cane and animal fat. Mention of such light sources are found in all corners of the earth. Different civilizations used different materials at hand to make them.In ancient India, candles were made from the fruits of brown wood, in Japan - from walnut trees. In China, rice paper was used to create wicks and they were dipped in a special solution made from a mixture of grain crops with local insects.

Only in the 19th century began the mass production of candles with the help of special devices.

Now candles have ceased to be a necessity and an important source of light, and have become an element of decor, an attribute of romance and an interior detail. Especially popular as a gift Christmas and New Year's candles, made by hand and filled with love and aroma of cinnamon and fruit.

Christmas candles

Making candles at home

Of course, such everyday things as candles, in a large assortment are presented in souvenir shops. On the shelves you can find a variety of variations: figures of animal symbols of the year, scented products, healing candles with essential oils, small tea candles for carved candlesticks and much more. But to make a gift more pleasant, it is better to try yourself.

Making candles at home is an exciting and uncomplicated exercise.Choose silicone wax molds for candles that you like, stock up with paraffin, ornaments and fragrances and ... a drop of patience. And besides the pleasure that you will certainly get from the process, you can still save well on gifts.


Before you start making your own candles for the first time, you should understand the necessary materials and tools. To create a water bath, take an ordinary large enough pan. It is better to melt the wax in some unnecessary utensils, since it will be very difficult to get rid of the sticking wax later. Even a used tin can will do. We make it a little spout to pour the molten mass.

Raw materials (it can be a special gel, paraffin or wax) and silicone molds for candles can be purchased at a specialty store. For the first time it is better to choose paraffin. You can also buy simple candles at a hardware store or use old cinder tips.

Cotton threads are used for the wick, as they do not burn out longer and have no smell. You can take colored floss floss.They look very interesting in finished products.


silicone wax molds for candles

To color the New Year's candles in different colors, you can add crushed baby soft wax crayons to the melted mass. They evenly color paraffin and dissolve well. If you do not have chalks at hand, you can take eye shadows, lipstick, or purchase special pigments in the store. Imagine how gorgeous a gift for New Year or Christmas will be if you find the Christmas tree shape for candles, dye the paraffin wax green and decorate the finished craftwork with sparkles, rhinestones and serpentine!

Candle making technology

  1. Preparation of the workplace. On the work surface to lay a newspaper, prepare towels and cardboard. If the wax is spilled, warm soapy water should be ready.

  2. Prepare a water bath. You cannot melt wax on direct fire. It can evaporate.

  3. Melting wax. Large pan half filled with water. Put pre-chopped paraffin or wax in a small unnecessary saucepan or tin can and put it in a water bath.

  4. In the melted wax, you can add flavors and dyes at your discretion. Food dyes can not be used because they have a water base.

  5. Take the cooked silicone molds for candles and place the wick in the center. For convenience, you can fix it with a pencil or toothpick. After installing the wick, pour paraffin molds.

  6. It takes about a day to cool the candle. It depends on the materials used. Paraffin hardens for 24 hours, and two or three hours are sufficient for cooling old candles. The longer the product will be cooled, the better the candle will turn out.

Silicone herringbone shape for candles

After cooling, from silicone molds (for candles, you can take any) we get the finished product. Excess wick cut off. To ensure the desired height of the fire enough to leave 7 mm. It remains only to decorate the candle and wrap it in a gift wrap.

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