How to use the level?

In this article, we will look at various issues related to how to properly use a level of a particular type. However, to begin with, a few words about what constitutes a modern building level.

How to use the building level

First of all, I will say that, unlike some other construction tools, it is almost impossible to make a level by yourself. Therefore, you need to go to the store and buy it. Usually the level is a kind of thick ruler. However, the level is easily recognizable by several “eyes” in which ampoules with liquid are placed. There is an air bubble in the ampoule, and at the very eye there are subtle risks. The main advantage of the level compared to the plumb is certainly the possibility of building both vertical and horizontal, while using a plumb you can only check the vertical. True, the plumb line makes it somewhat more accurate. As for how to use the level, the rules are very simple. Attach the level to the test surface and look at the position of the bubble with air.It should be exactly halfway between the risks - in this case, the surface is perfectly aligned. Now consider the cases with deviations. If on a vertical surface a bubble deviates to the left or to the right, it means that it is necessary to tilt the surface in the same direction. And if you notice a deviation of the bubble on a horizontal surface, then you should proceed as follows. If the bubble has deviated downwards, then it is necessary to lower the corresponding surface, if upwards, then, on the contrary, to raise. Or it is possible to raise in the first case, and in the second - to lower the opposite side. That's all simple manipulations. Now let's talk about other types of levels.

How to use the laser level

The laser level is an excellent modern tool for measuring various constructional deviations. First you need to install the laser level on a tripod, on the wall, or on the floor so that the laser beam highlights the desired lines or points. The task is simplified if your device is equipped with a function of self-installation of the vertical or horizontal by simply pressing a button.Upon completion of the calibration, the level begins to emit a beam in a vertical or horizontal plane with different angles of opening of the light fan. In order to find one or another point of the plane, you need to install the rail across the beam anywhere. This will be a kind of target, which is marked by the passage of the beam. Now, moving the rail in one direction or another, you will get the deviation of the measured plane. Using this simple method, it is possible to align the suspended ceiling, ceiling panels, floor or walls with the highest degree of accuracy if you set the vertical light plane. Note that there are devices that can emit not only one, but several laser beams at once, which is very convenient for checking the convergence of the planes at given angles. Well and, of course, with the help of such a level even an inexperienced person will be able to correctly hang the carpet or arrange the furniture in the room.

How to use the water level

The water level is indispensable if you need to install something on the same level in different rooms, for example, sockets in different rooms.We will need two flasks, a measuring ruler and a connecting transparent hose. The principle of operation of the water level is based on the well-known law of communicating vessels. Only when filling the level it is important to force out all the bubbles with air, otherwise the result will not be completely accurate. Using the water level is very simple. To do this, together with the assistant, you must achieve the same value in both flasks and combine the tags, or place the items on the same level in different rooms, guided by the level marks. Those interested can also watch the video how to use the level of a particular type.

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