How to wear a sling?

Recently, the most popular slings. These are fabric accessories with different designs that parents use to carry children from zero to three years of age. The child feels calmer in the arms of her mother, he hears the sound of her heart and knows that he is safe. The baby considers the face of the person most dear to himself, listens to the native voice and such a pleasant smell of mother's milk. Take advantage of this wonderful device, but before you figure out how to wear a sling.

You will succeed

Many kids from the first time like to be in a baby sling. But there are also those who stubbornly refuse to lie there. Do not despair if after buying a sling it turns out that the baby rejects him, give him some time and he will get used to it. You need to free your hands, so have patience.

Varieties of slings:

  • Sling with rings,
  • Sling pocket and sling tube
  • Sling shawl,
  • Sling scarf,
  • Fast Sling and May-Sling,
  • Shoots
  • Onbuhimo.

Sling with rings: how to wear

Sling with rings - this is about a 2-meter strip of fabric with a ring and lining under the shoulder. The length of this sling can be adjusted.Baby can be put in a crib, sit on your hip or on your back.

  • Spread the baby sling in width.
  • Wear it over your head and one arm. In this case, the pillow should be on the shoulder, and the tail with rings - in front.
  • To better distribute the weight of your child, straighten the device on the back.
  • Inside there is a soft side, which you need to lay under the breast around the whole body so that it is directed towards the top.
  • Spread the tail in rings.
  • Move the pillow to the middle of the shoulder, otherwise it will crawl. Alternate shoulders when wearing; this is important for you and the baby.

How to wear a sling with rings (on the back)

  • First, decide on what shoulder you will wear a baby sling.
  • Place the rings under the collarbone, and down to the level of the femur.
  • Find with your hand the place where the middle of the sling is located behind your back. There will be a children's ass.
  • Pull the sling in the middle forwards to move the rings behind the back.
  • When the middle is in front of the thigh, stop the movement.
  • Put the baby on your shoulder free of a sling and seat it on your thigh.
  • The top side should be near the neck of the baby.
  • Without tightening the fabric, move the child behind the back and pull up the baby sling's tail.
  • Take his legs and pull up so that the little one is sitting symmetrically and evenly.
  • Pull up the upper rim, pulling loose fabric from behind. Thus, you will squeeze the child closer to him.

You can adjust the sling with the rings as you like, until the position of the baby completely suits you. To do this, simply pull the fabric in the rings by a centimeter and in turn, from one side to another.

How to wear a sling scarf

  • Attach a sling to yourself so that the scarf is in the middle of your waist and tails back.
  • Cross tails behind and throw them on your shoulders.
  • In front, grab the tails and bring them under the fabric cross strip on the stomach, then cross them. You will have two parts of the cross: external and internal, which is located closer to your body.
  • Tie tails on the knot, putting them behind your back.

How to wear a May-sling in the “cradle” position

  • Tie back the bottom straps.
  • Lay your baby horizontally on its side. It should be turned towards you, and its lower handle will be under your armpit.If the child is a newborn, it is better to lay it on the back and swaddle the handles on the chest.
  • Hold the child with one hand, and the other throw the strap of the sling over the shoulder. The edge of a May-sling should be held by the child under the knees and it does not matter what age your child has.
  • Change your hand and throw the second strap over your shoulder. To keep the child better, turn the strap under his head.
  • Change your hand again. Support your baby with your free hand, and the second - take the most distant strap, which serves as a support for the head, and bring it forward.
  • Change your hands, support the child with the hand that holds the strap, and the other - find the strap behind your back, and also bring it forward.
  • Cross two straps under the back of the toddler. If he is lying on his back, tie a knot; if not, tie straps behind him.

How to wear a baby in a sling - headscarf (tucking edges)

Consider carrying children in a sling-shawl called “kanga”. This is an African shawl (length - 150 cm, width - 90 cm).

  • Sit the baby on your back and hold it by the legs.
  • Spread the kanga and throw it on top of the child.
  • Bring the sling up to its neck and pull the karapuz well to yourself.
  • Tie a sling, you can tighten it or tie it in a knot.
  • Stretch one upper end so that the edge is taller at the chest.
  • Pull the second edge to the other side. The whole structure must be twisted with two hands on both sides.
  • Pull up the sling at the bottom edges to press the baby's ass tight against the back and fix. First, pull one and then the second edge. Legs can be left inside, and you can pull out.

How to use the sling - onbuhimo (method "on the stomach")

  • Attach the child to your chest so that he embraces your hips around the waist and his legs are spread apart. Put a sling on top of it.
  • On the shoulders, throw a shoulder strap around yourself, pull the strap behind the shoulder on the opposite side forward.
  • A ring comes out from under the child's foot, now it is necessary to pass one strap into it. The second hand is sure to hold the baby.
  • Having changed hands, do the same with the other strap, and do not let go of the first strap from the hand that holds the child.
  • After that, pull the straps so that the sling is at your convenience.
  • Tie two straps at your waist.

How to use a sling - onbuhimo (“backpack” method)

  • If the child is no longer breast, sit him on his back, throw on top of him a booze.At this point, hold the sling by both straps and lean forward slightly.
  • Make sure that the child’s ring is under the foot, not on top of it. Put the strap in the ring.
  • In the same ring, stretch the second strap and tighten the sling so that you feel that it is securely holding your baby. Tie webbing at your waist.

How to wear a sling runner (belly method)

  • Sitting on a chair, sit the baby on your lap
  • Cover it and cross over the straps.
  • Bring the webbing forward from the back through the shoulders.
  • Bring the straps under the ass to the toddler and cross them. Watch that he tightly hugs your waist with your hips.
  • Put the straps behind your back and tie. Done!

Sling and Kangaroo

At first glance, the sling is very similar to the kangaroo. But believe me, there are significant differences. For example, according to orthopedists, when the child is in a sling in an upright position, his legs are properly divorced, which helps prevent hip dysplasia. The thing is that the weight is distributed in proportion to the ass, back and hips. Do not overload the lower spine.

Sling allows you to wear your face to yourself, and with a kangaroo, most often the opposite happens. This can cause stress in the baby, so the advantages of the baby sling are undeniable here.

Slings are actually a wonderful thing. If you can not afford such a purchase, you can easily sew a baby sling yourself. Read the necessary information and get started! You must succeed!

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