How to write a conclusion?

One of the criteria for writing a successful work, be it a thesis or term paper, an essay on a given topic, a school essay or a scientific article, is not only a competent statement of thought, but also proper adherence to the structure - the introduction, main part and conclusion.

It is not difficult to write a conclusion, following a few simple rules.

Conclusion to the diploma or course work

Conclusion - the logical conclusion of the work, which indicates the result of all the research done, conclusions and proposals for the development of a particular issue. It also speaks about the prospects of this research area and its practical significance. A well-written conclusion makes the work whole and complete.

Plan writing the conclusion


You should not immediately proceed to the enumeration of the conclusions obtained in the course of the study. Conclusion, like any other part of the thesis or course work requires adherence to a special structure of presentation from the general to the particular.The introductory part includes 2-3 sentences concerning the theoretical part - an introduction to the problem the study is devoted to.

Main part

The main part should contain the conclusions obtained in the course of practical work. To do this correctly, it is necessary to provide answers to the questions posed in the introduction to work. In practice, this means that each task from the introduction corresponds to a conclusion in the conclusion. Such an approach will not only help to draw up the main part of the conclusion correctly, but will also ensure the overall integrity of the work.

Final part

The conclusion, like any other part of the work, must have a final part. Here are suggestions for improving the object of study and justifies the practical value of the work. In conclusion, you can write about in which areas you can apply the findings of the study.

Scope of opinion

The volume of the conclusion of the thesis is 3-4 pages, for coursework - 2-3 pages.

To write the conclusion correctly, you should follow the scientific style of writing. This means using fixed expressions, for example:

  • In our study, we found out ...
  • Based on our research, we can draw the following conclusions ...
  • In conclusion, we note that ...
  • We conclude about ...
  • Our work leads us to conclude ...
  • The practical significance of our research is ...

Conclusion to the article

The conclusion to the article contains a conclusion on the topic indicated at the beginning, a solution to the problem posed, less often the opinion of the author about the problem.

If a problem is posed at the beginning, then at the end it is necessary to give a balanced solution, sometimes a few, to mention different opinions regarding this problem.

It is important that the results presented in the conclusion of the article focus only on a positive result.

Conclusion to the essay writing

In conclusion, the essay should be summed up everything said earlier. The conclusion logically associates the text with the problem posed and the given topic.

As in the introduction, in the conclusion one should not pay attention to insignificant facts and minor details, here only the essence of the problem is presented.

The volume of the introductory and final part of the essay - 25% of the entire work.

Compliance with a clear structure, brevity and conciseness of presentation is the key to successful work, which will be appreciated!

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