HP 250 Notebook: Features and Feedback

The hero of today's review is an inexpensive and quiet laptop for everyday and office work HP 250 from Hewlett Packard. The device has an 15-inch screen, an economical processor "Celeron" N2830, RAM in 2 GB and a hard drive with the volume of 500 GB. As a preinstalled operating system was chosen x64 "Winds" 8.1.

hp 250

A fairly modest price for a laptop in 14 thousand rubles is a good incentive to buy, despite the widespread savings at all levels of the assembly line. Let's try to determine if the company has gone too far with this very saving, and find out what flaws the future owner of the laptop will have to tolerate.

Design and build quality

The HP 250 G3 notebook is completely made of matte plastic, which does not collect fingerprints and does not slip, which is good - the surface will not be distracted from work by a nagging cleaning. The device has a small thickness of 2,8 cm and a relatively low weight - 2,15 kg, so carrying or transporting to the workplace of the problems should not cause.

The gaps between the individual parts of the laptop are almost invisible, but the quality of the assembly and the strength of the design did not exceed any special expectations from the budget device. At numerous forums and online stores dedicated to the HP 250 series, reviews are full of minor flaws: the lid easily succumbs to pressure, self-service causes a number of problems - the bottom is not removed and there is no lid. All that the user can do himself is just replace the battery.


The HP 250 G3 laptop ports are clearly cheated and it is not clear why, because there is more than enough space on the device. Only one 3.0 USB port is available, two are 2.0, an outdated 100-megabit Internet module (modern models have been equipped with gigabit modules for three years already), a DVD drive and a card reader.

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For the video outputs there are two ports - VGA and HDMI, together with a universal audio connector. Location is not very convenient - too close to the front edge of the device: on the right side, the drive interrupts the drive, and the ventilation holes on the left interfere.


In addition to the standard Internet protocols, the HP 250 laptop supports work in WaiFay wireless networks at the 802.11 b / g / n points and Bluetooth of the fourth version. For all this, the built-in module Ralink of the RT3290 series is responsible. The connection works quite stably without any outstanding reception quality at a distance of no more than 10 meters from the router.

laptop hp 250 g3

Immediately it is necessary to warn Linux fans about possible problems with the Ralink module, which is not known for its best reputation because of its drivers for this OS. Communication via Bluetooth is too often interrupted and does not work correctly. Alternatively, you can advise you to choose any other laptop with modules from Intel, Broadcom or Qualcomm Atheros. With them, work on Linux will not cause any problems.

HP 250 speakers

The characteristics of the speakers do not allow to hear at least some bass, and the output is muted and flat. You can use local acoustics except to watch videos on “YouTube”, but otherwise it’s better to prefer third-party headphones or external speakers.

Input Devices

The keyboard of the device is flat and the keys are pressed too gently, and the navigation arrows are very critical and cause discontent of the owners (only the HP 250 notebook is a problem). User feedback is full of bewilderment: why do the "up" and "down" arrows occupy the space of one conventional keyboard button. To this, of course, you can get used to, but during work more than once will have to remember the designers with an evil word.

hp 250 specifications

The touchpad has enough working space and, oddly enough, for a budget model - it responds well to all multitouch gestures and touches. For inexpensive laptops such a quality manipulator, if not uncommon, then certainly not the standard.


The device has a standard 15-inch screen with a matrix from LG and supports the resolution in 1366 on 768 points. The screen brightness of HP 250 is only 207 Cd / m2and despite the matte finish, you have to forget about working outside on a sunny day, except on a cloudy day or in shady conditions.

hp 250 reviews

Affects the presence of a high level of black color of the order of 0,67 Cd / m2, as a result, the palette seems grayish. The level of contrast also does not shine with high indicators and is only 336: 1 because of what the image seems flat and faded.

Many mistakenly believe that for office work such indicators are quite acceptable, but the worker sitting at the laptop will get tired much less if the white color is white, black is black, and the gamut of gray will not be cast by blue light, and the screen resolution would do well to make more .

The display of HP 250 does not meet these requirements, forcing to think about alternative options, especially since in this price range you can find models with high screen scans and gamma saturation.

It's sad that the manufacturer has not heard its consumer for a year, shouting about the need for a complete rework of the display. Many fans of the OS "Winds" only because of problems with the screen go to really high-quality equipment in the face of Apple and its brainchild MasVoook, no longer hoping for a change in the situation for the better.

Finally, you can add that the TN-matrix, as always, “pleased” with such a small viewing angle, which is already considered to be the norm. In order to show something to people sitting nearby from you, you will have to turn the device almost at a right angle, otherwise they will see a “mess” of inverted, distorted and dim colors. The problem is solved with the help of an IPS-matrix, but such pleasure can be seen in models more expensive than 30 thousand rubles.


Notebook HP 250 in addition to the configuration with the processor "Celeron" N2830 and 2 GB RAM can be executed in a modification with the line "Pentium" N3530 with 4 GB of RAM. The difference between these two options is very noticeable, especially since the independent replacement of RAM, in the absence of a special cover, requires a complete disassembly of the device, and the processor is soldered into the motherboard.

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Therefore, if there is a desire to purchase a laptop more powerful, then it is better to immediately focus on the configuration with the “Pentium”. The company has provided an even greater choice of capacity for the 250-line, such as Core i3 or Core i5, but this is a completely different price category (19 - 24 thousand rubles).

The built-in video card from HD Graphics on the BayTrail chipset can not cope with powerful graphics applications, so you can play games only for things like GTA: San Andreas or Counter Strike, but in no way more powerful.

Fans of video can watch any movies up to the resolution of Full HD, but with the technology “Ultra” problems may arise in the form of delays and insufficient optimization.

Summing up

HP 250 can be bought for 14-15 thousand rubles, which automatically forgives the laptop many flaws. The speed of the device is acceptable and does not differ from analogues with the processors BayTrail. What really annoys many users is the impossibility of self-replacement of RAM or hard drive, as well as very mediocre characteristics of the display along with the low operating time of the device in the offline mode.

Working with the keyboard as a whole is comfortable (with the exception of navigation arrows) and does not differ much from competing laptops. Recommend the laptop can people who are aware of all the shortcomings of the model and are ready to reconcile with them, otherwise the advice is unambiguous - it is much better to save money for a better laptop.

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