Hulahup: reviews, results. Hulahup for weight loss: how to do

This fitness equipment appeared with the United States in the middle of the last century. Hulahup, reviews of which athletes regularly leave around the world, is named after the dance of the peoples of Polynesia. Since his invention, he has undergone a lot of changes. Today, in specialized stores you can find a variety of its varieties.

Popular models

According to the girls who have already tried this device, the most common types include:

  1. Standard. This hoop was used at the time by our mothers and grandmothers. It is made of light metal (for example, aluminum) or plastic. Inside it is not filled with anything.
  2. Folding. In the assembled state is no different from the classic. But it can be disassembled into two or even four parts. This is extremely convenient to save space when storing the projectile.hula hoop slimming reviews
  3. Heavy.Its weight is from half to two kilograms. This model creates a more powerful load on the waist and hips. Such reviews are recommended to be done independently. You just need to pour the sand into a regular hoop to increase its mass, and hence its efficiency.
  4. With massage heads. Its surface is covered with special suckers, which, in contact with the skin, enhance the action of the projectile.
  5. Counting calories. This is a hoop, in the middle of which is mounted a small sensor that runs on finger batteries. He calculates the number of turns you made and the calories that were spent on it. But this device has a large error in the data, because it does not take into account age and weight.

What do girls like in classes?

Hulahup for weight loss (reviews confirm this) - quite an effective tool. Athletes emit a lot of significant advantages of this device.

hula hoop reviews

For example, this unit does an excellent job with breathing and heart workouts. If you go on foot to the second floor and feel at the same time shortness of breath and an acceleration of the pulse, then the body is not yet ready for serious stress.In this case, strength exercises and dance aerobics are no good, but hulahup is what you need.

Many girls are aware of this and begin to engage in, so that over time, health does not begin to deteriorate. They advise to drive themselves from the very first days of training to a pulp. According to them, with this device you can smoothly prepare your body for future intensive exercises and get back into shape.

Beautiful and healthy!

hula hoop reviews

Hoop hulahup reviews are described as a device that gives an excellent aerobic load. The girls claim that when doing exercises with it, calories burn out gradually, due to which the skin on the hips and waist does not sag, becomes elastic, and the muscles - relief.

Athletes also share their impressions of how the projectile improves the functioning of the vestibular apparatus. This is especially true for those who by nature are not very good at keeping balance. With the help of the hoop, many who use it, managed to solve this problem.

Massage hulahup, reviews of which leaves a lot of satisfied athletes, does not create pressure on the organs and does not displace them. Girls assure: you can not worry about the fact that the body will be damaged due to blows of the hoop.

But still, if you do not have experience in fitness classes, the press and the loins are soft and weak, the owners of the hulahupa are advised to start exercising with a light hoop, and then eventually switch to a weighted model. They explain this by saying that your muscle shell can simply not withstand such a sharp and strong load. Many athletes will tell you that in any workout you need to have a sense of proportion and objectively evaluate your abilities so as not to harm health.

Everything is elementary!

According to the owners, this device is very convenient and easy to use. They claim that the risk of injury is reduced to a minimum. Girls are engaged at any convenient time, without leaving home.

Hulakhup, reviews of which confirm the effectiveness of his actions, can be purchased at any sports store for a price that is several times less than the cost of a subscription to the gym. All that is required of you is to find a spacious room in your apartment in which the hoop will not touch the furniture during rotation.hulahup photo reviews

Many girls claim that this device not only helps to lose those extra pounds, but also improves the condition of the skin in the areas of its impact. After classes, the waist and hips become tightened, the cover on them is elastic, and cellulite disappears.

What are the disadvantages?

Hulakhup (reviews of doctors testify to this) also has a number of minuses. Before you start classes, you need to familiarize yourself with them so that they do not become an unpleasant surprise in the future.

Doctors are confident that in order to achieve really noticeable results, you will have to spend a lot of time. This lack is characteristic for any kind of fitness. Only with regular, systematic exercises will you be able to achieve your goals.

Also, doctors say that the hoop will not eliminate a large amount of fat under the skin. According to experts, rotating the hula-hoop from five to ten minutes a day will help in a couple of weeks dropping just a centimeter from the problem areas. From other parts of the body will leave about 0.5 kg.

Preliminary preparation

Athletes say that the system of exercises is quite difficult to describe in words. You just have to feel the rhythm, understand how to hold at the right level and not drop hulahup. For weight loss reviews recommend training in a specific pattern.

Immediately note that the experience of many girls has developed a very important rule: you should never eat before engaging in a hoop! Hold on to work on the body at least 2 hours after a meal.Drinking before this is also not recommended for at least 30-60 minutes.

Lovers of training with a hoop say that clothing for training should be thin and tight. It is best to wear leggings or shorts on legs, and for a body, either a regular jersey or a short sports top will do.massage hulahup reviews

So, you bought a hula hoop, got acquainted with all the necessary information about it, chose a spacious room or even spread the furniture in it, waited a long time after eating and dressed properly. Now open the window, let the fresh air make the workout more enjoyable. Turn on your favorite rhythmic music and get started.

Where to begin?

Responses of athletes give a detailed description of the implementation of basic exercises.

Stand straight, place your legs shoulder-width apart. One of them can protrude slightly forward or be on the same level as the other. If the legs are connected together, turning the hula hoop (reviews confirm this) is much more difficult, although you can try this option. Excessively wide-ups are also not worth it, it will not add to the convenience of doing the exercises.

Now place the projectile slightly above the waist level and press it to your back.If you want to turn it counterclockwise, slightly turn the body to the right side. After that, abruptly return to the starting position and release the hula hoop. Reviews (the results are quite optimistic) promise to get rid of cellulite and a couple of extra pounds, if you practice systematically and according to the rules.


Start making smooth, measured movements. At the same time, it will appear as if you are rocking slightly. If the legs are apart, you alternately transfer the weight from one to another, thus alternating the load on them. When you rotate the hoop, do not activate either the buttocks or the chest. Work with your waist, legs and neck. This will help you to properly distribute the voltage over the body and “grind” the necessary zones.

Massage hoop (hulahup) reviews girls recommend using primarily for work on the muscles of the press. They must be in constant tension during training, so that you can remove all the excess and admire your relief cubes.Hulahup doctors reviews

If you start to feel that the projectile is about to be on the floor, any athlete will advise you to accelerate the pace of rotation.So it will be possible to return it to the desired height. Pay attention and be prepared: if a metal hoop falls, you can earn a lot of bruises from hitting the legs. The most severe pain is felt during the landing of the device on the tibia and the feet. Therefore, if you do not have experience in this kind of work, start with a plastic shell. And when you get used to it, you can safely switch to metal. So your chances of getting a fresh batch of bruises are greatly reduced.

It is important!

How long does it take to turn the hula hoop? Feedback results promise after classes that last up to half an hour. But to start a workout, any hoop holder will advise from a small - three to five minutes a day. It is not necessary from the very first time to exhaust yourself with intense loads. Always remember the main rule of effective classes: you must do everything without haste and gradually build up the strength of the loads until you reach the desired level. Give your body to get used to a new kind of activity, and your muscles to get stronger and develop at a pace set by nature. Do not hurry, and achieve more.massage hulahup reviews

In order to get the best results, it is not enough just to twist the hoop (hulahup).Reviews also recommend combining these exercises with additional exercises to strengthen the back muscles and abdominals. Proper nutrition, refusal from the elevator and walking in the fresh air will also significantly transform your shape.

Take note

Many lose weight are interested in the question of which way to rotate this projectile. Its owners share a secret: when you are just starting to master it, choose the direction in which you feel comfortable and work better with a hoop. But do not dwell on what you have already achieved. Over time, learn to rotate it in both directions and alternate them during class. This is very important in order to make the waist perfectly smooth and proportional. After all, working on one side, you pay less attention to the other.

Hoop hobbyists are advised not to be afraid of bruises when you turn the hula hoop. Reviews, photos of girls who have long been working with him, indicate that any marks on the skin are after a month of training and no longer appear.

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