Hylaiter - what is this?

On the shelves of stores every year appearsmore and more newfangled means of decorative cosmetics, whose appointment is very few people understand. In pursuit of beauty, every girl in her cosmetic bag wants to have not just new items, but useful tools. In literal translation from English, the word highlight means "emphasize, highlight". Hence, the highlighter is designed to highlight, highlight the individual parts of the face. This is how the stars correct the relief, hide wrinkles and give a clearer shape and fresh look to their face. Mac haileter will help get rid of the tired form. Green, pink, white, blue balls, part of some of the funds, can give the person a unique glow and hide inflammation.

haileter what is it

Operating principle

Hylaiter - what is it, what does it look like? Usually it comes in the form of powder, corrector, blush, shadows and can be of different shades: ivory, white, light beige, golden, bronze and silver. The highlight effect is achieved thanks to the light reflecting particles included in the composition. They are a part of both friable haylayterov, and liquid. Often women of fashion confuse them with masking tools, but they are not intended for correction at all - haylayterami mask through reflective particles, and not due to the density of the texture.

mac highlighter

We remove traces of fatigue

Heiliter - what is it, what is it for? Applying it in make-up, you can select eyes, visually extend the face and make the forehead higher. It will easily help you to impress with a charming appearance at the ceremonial events. However, it is important to remember that a highlighter especially draws attention to sites with acne, so do not use it in problem areas.haileter what is itOn the upper part of the cheekbones it is applied with the fingers,giving the person freshness, and for whiskey - with the letter "C", thus rejuvenating the face and visually "revealing" the look. The agent can be applied to the back or wings of the nose, thus correcting its shape. Make the eyes radiant and sparkling possible, if treated with a means of the middle of the century. Heiliter - what is it, what are the traditional places of its application? The main zones are:

  • forehead over the bridge of the nose;
  • sides of mouth and chin;
  • the back of the nose;
  • along the orbital ossicles;
  • section above the upper lip.

A layer of crumbly semitransparent powder is the final stage.

Learning to use

How to use haylayterom? Apply the product with a brush on your arm, wait until it absorbs. Then it is necessary to process the external corners of the eyes, gradually moving with smearing strokes to the inner corner. To proceed to dark circles around the eyes it is necessary in the last turn, before it having treated the beginning of the nose bridge and the outer edge of the eye cavity.

how to use hylayterom

It is extremely important to improve the quality of the product. Now, knowing more about what the highlighter provides, what it is and how to use it, you can easily "tweak" the oval of your face, make its proportions more correct, and give seductive fluffiness to your lips.

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