In-Ear Headphones

In today's world, it's hard to do without music,it does not matter whether you are on the subway, waiting for your turn in the medical institution or just running around the park, agree that doing all these and thousands of other things under your favorite tunes is much more fun. Moreover, a wide variety of mp3 players has been divorced and smartphones are coming on their heels, which are almost completely obsolete with a 3.5 mm jack.

What is most important when listening to music other than having a source? Of course, headphones, because we will not be listening to music through the loudspeaker phone?

Most music lovers choose for the streetIn-ear headphones. They have one indisputable advantage over any other model. Whether open or closed they have a design, they do not try to fall out at every step, as it always happens with the pills that come with most phones. But this is especially important on the run or with fast walking.

That's exactly how to choose earbud headphones, I would like to tell in this article.

As a rule, well-known companies tryto produce in one line of plug-in headphones at once two models, closed and open. They differ only in the hull design, the filling and materials are used the same. Open headphones have "atmospheric" sound, they have deeper bass. In closed sound strongly depends on the degree of attachment of the lining of the speaker to the ear canal, the smallest slits immediately spoil the sound picture. In general, they produce a more aggressive sound than open ones. Also, wireless earphones have started to appear. But the prices surprise them not less than the technical parameters, so for the model with Wi-Fi called Koss Striva Tap, the manufacturer asks for a "modest" $ 500!

And if everything is clear with budget models, it's unlikely that anyone will expect high quality of sound from them, then among the expensive models, the so-called "reinforcing" type has recently been allocated.

Than reinforcement earbuds differ fromothers and why are they much more expensive? The fact is that they work with small reinforcing radiators, unlike traditional type speakers, they achieve high volume and sensitivity, which exceeds the sensitivity of traditional devices by an order of magnitude. Despite their small size, these in-ear headphones give a detailed and clear picture of the sound, they can appreciate the thinnest transitions and notice the slightest blemishes of the performer.

And at the end of the article I will give some tips forthose who are not a sound specialist, but would like to make the right choice out of the abundance of earwax speakers that is now on the market.

First, do not chase a strong bass, manymanufacturers, realizing that this parameter for users is key, artificially amplify low frequencies, making them though powerful, but unnatural.

Secondly, do not blindly trust the technicaldata shown on the box. Far is not always what it says, the truth. In the pursuit of sales, many brands overestimate the parameters of their products. It's not uncommon for headphones of a well-known manufacturer with declared modest characteristics to be on their head in a range higher than headphones from a little-known company that has a proud box of 10-28000 Hz. If you look at the numbers, it's better to pay attention to the resistance, choose models with this parameter at the level of 20-40 Ohm, if it is much higher, you are unlikely to hear anything in them.

Well, in the third place, of course, the classics - how manyAre those earbud headphones that you want to buy? If the price does not exceed 500 rubles, it is quite possible to find worthy ones among such models, you just have to spend a lot of time to choose among mediocre fakes. If you are looking for a balanced price / quality options, then you should pay attention to those headphones, the price of which ranges from 500 to 2000 rubles. These models will be a perfect addition to a good mp3 player or smartphone. All that is more expensive than 6000 rubles - is intended for audiophiles who live by music, and ordinary portable players simply will not meet the minimum requirements that such in-ear headphones make to the source.

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