Industrial Art: Definition and a Brief History

Artistic design, industrial design, technical aesthetics, industrial art - all these terms are associated with the interaction of art and the subject's environment.Industrial Art

These concepts have something in common, and something very specific.

Stage of historical development

The answer to the question about what is industrialart, the concept of it, some are looking for in prehistoric times. Gonchar was looking for the best form for his products or applied a primitive decor on their surface - was not he the first designer? But the issues of attracting a person to the production process with an artistic view of the world have become particularly relevant since the appearance of truly industrial methods of production. The interest in increasing the consumer value of mass-produced goods in a competitive environment - this was the impetus for the rapid development of the theory and practice of design in the industry.What is the industrial art concept?

At first it was possible to speak simply about givingproduct production style features, the modern era, but then industrial art has acquired greater importance. In many ways, the development of specialists involved in determining promising areas of production, began to form public views on the entire environment of man, and not even always material. So, cars of the 30s and 40s of the XXth century are not only the top of the technologies of that time, but also a bright symbol of the art deco era, the entire way of life of the pre-war society.

Difficulties for determining

The term used by the educationalprogram - industrial art (9th grade of secondary school) - seems the most controversial of all the titles for creativity in the manufacturing field. It is customary to explain it as a kind of human activity in the aesthetic transformation of its surrounding environment. This environment includes all things related to work and leisure of people.Industrial Art, Grade 9

More suitable for such a generalized conceptseems to be the word design. Its modern meaning - design, drawing, appearance, meaning of the subject - has that polysemy, which is justified for the great diversity of the modern world. Industrial art is only a small area of ​​human activity to create a harmonious living space. In this sense, industrial design is closest to him, as one of the isolated phenomena of artistic creativity in industry.

Artistic design

In Soviet practice since the Soviet times,it is customary to call practical activity on the design of objects and products for various purposes by artistic design. The theoretical basis for the artist-designer was the doctrine of technical aesthetics, consisting of several basic areas. In addition to searching for an expressive artistic solution, this is materials science and technology, economics and ergonomics (the science of comfort), etc.Industrial art of the 20th century

All this can be attributed to the fact thatcalled industrial art. Its goal is also to create a product that has high technological, economic, functional and consumer characteristics in the presence of aesthetic content and artistic expressiveness.

Varieties of design

There are fewer and fewer places on Earth that have not experiencedhuman impact. In the same place, where the population density is particularly high, everything bears traces of the work of human hands and human intelligence. The design of the interior, vehicles and individual objects determines the largest and most insignificant elements of the material environment.

Information and intellectual contentenvironments - interfaces and content programs and shells, media and media - this also deals with design. Industrial art of the 20th century is the time for a clear division of labor of designers, their narrow specialization.

Profession designer

Items created by industrial artists,surround a person from birth. At lessons on world art culture there is an acquaintance with such concept, as industrial art. 9th grade is for many people the time to choose a life path, and the designer is one of the most popular professions. An industrial designer of high class is a piece goods, and it is not realistic to master this specialty at two-week courses. Only having a significant cultural baggage, knowledge and experience in different areas, you can achieve success in this capacity.Industrial art, short definition

Creating a comfortable human environment isone of the main objectives of architecture. It is no coincidence that the most famous industrial designers came to their profession from architecture. These professions share the need to have more knowledge, to have creative thinking aimed at transforming the world. It is this person who is able to quickly realize what industrial art is. The concept of him as a field of communication through visual images is another unifying principle of architecture and design.

There is an interesting opinion about the future of the professiondesigner, owned by the famous Philippe Starck. He is convinced that the role of visual aesthetics of the form of things and objects will rapidly decline, and the importance of the creative abilities of a thinker who can find global ways to improve human life will grow radically.

Short definition

Historical development of civilization in the highsense defines the combination of the material and spiritual principle of human nature. A vivid example of this is industrial art.

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