Instructive tale for children, recommended by psychologists

The image of a mother reading a fairy tale to a baby is so familiar that we don’t even think about how important this is in raising children. The magic story can be not just entertainment, but also a vivid example that can inspire a child to engage in this or that business. Thanks to the tale, he learns to understand the difference between good and evil, the value of actions and their consequences. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the correct choice of material that you will read and then discuss with a crumb. An instructive tale for children is the ability to build the first model of behavior and response. This is the main task of such stories - using the example of characters to show how to behave correctly in different life situations.

instructive tale for children

Fairy tale is a lie, but there is a hint in it

This proverb is known to all of us since childhood, but it contains a deep meaning. An instructive tale for children should be carefully selected, as each story carries a certain life scenario. Remember the fairy tale "By the pike".A man was lying on the stove, doing nothing, and when he was kicked out on a fishing trip, he caught a talking fish. And what did he ask? Brilliant knowledge, skills, career opportunities? No, instead, he traveled on the stove into the wood for wood. Does your baby need such a scenario? That is why an instructive tale for children should be chosen with great care. Do not forget that babies tend to listen to one story over and over again, gradually delving deeper into the meaning of what they read.instructive bedtime stories for children

How to read fairy tales

This is also an important point that parents should take into account. An instructive tale for children is read slowly, without haste. These stories share with the kid life experience, allow you to understand popular wisdom. Small stories allow you not only to form moral qualities in a child, but also make you think, develop imagination and creativity.

Reading should be given as much time as the baby is able to focus on him. Be sure to tell your impressions and ask the opinion of the child. How does he see the action of a character, who liked and who did not, why each of the characters did just that, and not otherwise.Instructive bedtime stories for children need to start reading long before bedtime so that you have time for all this.

Only in this way will fairy tales actively form an idea about the world around, about good and evil. Watching the behavior of fabulous characters, the kid realizes the difference between good and bad actions, begins to see their consequences. Moreover, by projecting himself on them, the child learns to find a way out of a difficult situation.

How to choose the right product

Short, instructive tales for children can come up with and independently. Every child is a bright personality. Moreover, as it grows and develops, it faces certain difficulties and performs certain actions. He was scared to get acquainted with the neighbor child on the playground, if he was crying, defending his right to cross the road on his own, without holding mom's hand - any situation can be played up in a fairy tale. There, the gnome or squirrel can be just as afraid or naughty, and someone will tell her why this behavior was wrong and teach her how to fix it.

Of course, you need to rely on age features,because it will be difficult for a kid to listen to fairy tales about moral norms of behavior. Best guided by the behavior of your baby. If he clearly misses and asks to finish reading, it means that the fairy tale is clearly chosen incorrectly. It does not penetrate the soul, the child does not try to comprehend it. Then take it away and start improvising. In some cases, a joint essay will be much more intimate and understandable.short instructive tales for children

Tales from a year to two

At this time, a kind, instructive tale for children should be as short and clear as possible. And again we are confronted with the fact that most of the standard stories for this age do not carry too much sense. For example, "Ryaba Chicken". The one and a half year old baby does not quite understand the general meaning, but he perceives disturbing accents: he fell, broke, cries. And the older child is already beginning to analyze and does not understand why an ordinary egg is better than a golden one, why grandfather beat it, did not break it, and the mouse did it, and why the result upset them so much.

We recommend to remove this tale from the arsenal. Let's better invent your own story, about a clever little cat or an inquisitive little squirrel, who may have new adventures every day.The hero will play with mom and dad, meet other animals, try to climb a tall tree, spank through puddles, learn to eat with a spoon and fork. Every day you can replenish adventures with new chapters, but the most important thing is that you can form the beginnings of the right behavior and relationship building models.

In two or three years, children love to listen to fairy tales about their favorite animals and toys that did not obey their mother, did not want to eat or to remove toys. In this case, the child himself can suggest a suitable solution to the problem, as he vividly associates himself with the main character.instructive tales for children recommended by psychologists

Fairy tales

And again we are faced with the fact that instructive fairy tales for children, recommended by psychologists, do not fit into the standard set that is sold in bookstores. For this age category, "Kolobok" is recommended. What is wrong here? On the one hand, this is a lesson in obedience. There was no need to run away, would not have got to the fox. On the other hand, there is clearly a motive of abandonment. Bun baby left alone, which is why he got into trouble. And at the end of a tragic death from the teeth of a fox. Very bad.

Let's better think about what our little one needs to learn. Sleep in your crib? Then we compose a tale about a little bear, who did not want to go to bed at night. Exhausted parents did not get enough sleep in the morning, were late for work, because their son, taken into their big bed, was spinning and kicking so hard that he did not let them rest. And one evening a fairy flew in, who gave a little bear a magic flashlight that protected him from all dangers and brought wonderful dreams. Now he could not be afraid of anything and sleep well. Instead of a flashlight, you can give your baby a floor lamp.

One of the good fairy tales that are suitable for this age category is Teremok. However, it has many variations, and the best of all is the one where, after the bear crushed the house, the animals began to build together new housing.instructive tales for children 5 years

Discussions after the tale

This is the most important part to pay special attention to. After listening to the story, the kid did not understand much, and all the more he was not ready to express a critical assessment of the character’s behavior. You need to lead to this. Moreover, it is best to prepare models of the main characters or draw them on paper to beat the whole action from beginning to end clearly.Instructive tales for children 3-4 years old must necessarily be supported by the subsequent discussion.

Ask the child how he sees the behavior of a character, what he liked and what did not. Offer him to add and change the script on your own. How would he want this tale to end? Not always the child will be able to answer the first time. In this case, help him. In this case, the puppet theater with the participation of the heroes of the story works very well. Preparing them is a snap. Print appropriate pictures on thick paper and stick them on the base, which will make the usual sock.instructive tales for children 3 4 years

We are growing

Instructive tales for children of 5 years old are stories aimed at developing important social skills, self-service and developing motivation for learning activities. The younger preschooler already understands and analyzes a lot, you can build a dialogue with him, dream and argue. “Brave Piglet”, “Two Frogs”, “The Ugly Duckling” - all these are fairy tales that show different patterns of behavior and allow us to draw certain conclusions. And again, we note that it is extremely important to talk with the child.It is in the process of discussion that he will be able to understand how this or that format of behavior is acceptable and correct. In addition, such reasoning teaches us to form our own view of the world, showing not just an opportunity, but the need to formulate our thoughts and attitudes into understandable sentences. These are important skills that will come in handy in the future.A good instructive tale for children

Fulfill fears

At this age, children very often begin to experience anxiety on various occasions. "I can not", "I can not" - these are common expressions that require correction today. And the best helpers are fairy tales. Again, it is best to invent therapeutic stories on your own, based on the problem you are facing. It is not necessary to invent a new story, take as a basis an existing one. It can be a famous fairy tale about Dunno and his friends, where you are free to invent any plot and add magic fairies with their gifts. The main thing is that the topic is close to the child, and you are looking for a solution together and embodied in the behavior of the main character.

World before school

At this age, the child varies greatly.Yesterday's baby is growing up, he has to spend a lot of time away from his parents, with a new teacher and a whole class of children, listen carefully and answer at the blackboard, follow a number of rules. Instructive tales for children 6 years of age are taught primarily relationships with peers. It is very good to read together with the child the series “The Good Tales” by N. Klimova. This is a whole collection in which the main character will have to face a variety of trials, to get acquainted with laziness and envy. The tales “Journey to Vrunlandia”, “How Sophia went to visit Lena” and many others help the child to see many actions from the outside and develop their attitude towards them.

Instead of conclusion

Almost every tale can be interesting and instructive. Banal plot "Turnips" can be supplemented with any details, and, consequently, a new meaning. The main thing is to be guided by your child, select those plots and characters that are close and clear to him. Then the benefits of instructive tales will be much greater.

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