Interesting movies that are worth seeing

With rare exceptions, cinema is loved by everyone. For the sake of exciting viewing, avid spectators throw everything and go to the cinema for interesting films that are worth seeing. Then they experience for a while, share their impressions with close people, discuss, revise and recall.

interesting movies worth seeing

Forrest Gump, American cult drama1994, you can open a list of interesting films that are worth seeing. Forrest is not very lucky in life. On the one hand, God endowed him with a curvature of the spine and did not give his mind. But, on the other hand, he gave him a wonderful loving and intelligent mother, for whom the son was absolutely normal, but not like everyone else, he just needed to explain everything correctly, creating a picture of the world understandable for the boy. Mrs. Gump coped brilliantly with this task. The film is built as a story of Forrest himself about his own life. From his words the world is very simple and understandable, it is full of important meetings and interesting events.

An original and unique technique isInclusion of the character of Forrest Gump in real historical events. It is his sincerity and simplicity of life's position that Gump owes to him that something has happened to him constantly. It all began with the dance of a boy in orthopedic shoes, which liked the great Elvis and was copied by him. Later, an adult Forrest meets with two presidents - Kennedy and Nixon, as well as with the star of the famous quartet - Lennon. Gamp fought in Vietnam, not planning at all and unwilling to win the table tennis championships, becoming the pioneer of the social movement and a lucky businessman. Life was perceived by this American Ivan the fool, as his mother advised him, in the form of a box of assorted sweets: he could never guess the stuffing .... But this did not stop him from becoming a noble and respectable friend, husband and a good father to little Forrest, the youngest.good comedy films

Often, good films are comedies, and thisa film of a complex genre, except for comedic, in it there are also signs of drama, as well as melodramas. Such pictures leave the audience a sense of joy of being, although sometimes life brings grief and trouble. But the love we received as a child, helps to move them, following the example of Forrest Gump. The film is perceived incredibly easily and until the last frame does not let the viewer's attention.

On the second place in interesting films thatworth seeing, in 2001, broke "Amelie". The main character of the romantic French comedy is a very strange girl. If we consider that as a child she chose to be an imaginary friend of a crocodile, then one can understand how lonely this child was. Papa did not do much with her after her mother died, when they left the cathedral with their little daughter. Nevertheless, the girl grew up, rented an apartment and got a job in a bistro, although she continued to live with her fantasies.

best comedy movies

After the cache found in the bathroom, the girldecides that you need to live differently. She begins to interfere in the fate of others. And her good deeds are anonymous and more like eccentricities. For example, she persuaded her dad to go on a trip, but he did not dare. He left only after he received a number of strange photographs from different points of the globe from his mysteriously missing garden gnome, which, as it turned out, is making a world tour. She secretly helped her neighbors, as well as colleagues at work. Her attention is attracted by the strange actions of other people. She gets an album of torn photographs, lost by the same eccentric as she herself. Solving his secret, Amelie finally found her happiness.

In the interesting films that are worth seeing,The film was introduced by impressionable romantic ladies-spectators, who changed their world view after viewing. For them, the film is an instruction in the search for pleasant everyday joys for themselves and their loved ones. For other categories of viewers - it's a beautiful light bizarre tale with a smart video.

The best films - comedies, melodramas and dramas - go with us through life, teach, give pleasure, make you think and just decorate it.

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Interesting movies that are worth seeing Interesting movies that are worth seeing Interesting movies that are worth seeing Interesting movies that are worth seeing Interesting movies that are worth seeing Interesting movies that are worth seeing Interesting movies that are worth seeing Interesting movies that are worth seeing Interesting movies that are worth seeing Interesting movies that are worth seeing