Interior plastic doors: varieties, photos, tips on choosing

Arrangement of living space and the choice of interior doors - one of the most difficult tasks during repairs. It is impossible to imagine a house without interior doors, since it will seem uncomfortable and limitless. The most popular are interior plastic doors. Due to a number of advantages, the demand for such structures increases every year.

Plastic interior doors with glass


Plastic interior doors are distinguished by:

  • type of construction. Single-wing, double-leaf, rectangular, arched doors are popular. There are others, but they are rare;
  • way of opening. Interior doors are moved apart, swing open and fold like an accordion;
  • purpose. Plastic designs are distinguished by the intended installation site (on the balcony, in the house between the rooms or as an entrance door).

Interior plastic doors with glass are characterized by a variety of patterns and colors.

Interior plastic doors

Varieties of plastic constructions

A wide range of interior doors allows you to choose the most suitable and externally attractive option. Most in the market are in demand:

  1. Interior plastic sliding doors. For small rooms - the best option. Sliding doors move along the walls along the guides.
  2. Swing plastic doors. Popular and popular option among consumers. Classic interior doors open only in one direction. The lack of swing doors - a large radius of open doors.
  3. Pendulum doors. The pendular doors received their name due to the ability to open in both directions. One light push and the door is already open. Despite these advantages, in residential areas they can be seen infrequently because they are leaky.
  4. Stable doors. It is one of types of oar plastic doors. It consists of two parts - the upper sash and bottom.
  5. Plastic interior doors-accordion. Silent and easy to use option.Folding doors open smoothly thanks to special bearings mounted in rollers.
Doors accordion interior plastic

The advantages of interior doors

Interior plastic doors have several advantages, these include:

  1. Ease. Plastic itself is a fairly light material, so the design does not sag.
  2. Tightness. Special seal with high-quality clamps provides a tight door closing.
  3. Strength. Plastic doors are equipped with a durable profile, which is made of metal and plastic. This combination allows the structure to withstand heavy loads.
  4. Heat and noise insulation. Metal constructions have such properties due to high tightness.
  5. Simple repair and regulation. The operational period of interior design is large enough, so sometimes there are failures that are easily fixed.
  6. Affordable price. Plastic products can afford anyone. The price of doors depends on the external qualities and functionality.
  7. Reliability and safety. Plastic has anti-fire properties and does not emit harmful substances.
Interior plastic doors photos

Plastic door models

When buying interior plastic doors for a private house, special attention should be paid to the choice of model. Products differ in appearance, color scale, the price, and also have various advantages. Interior doors made of plastic are divided into products:

  1. Economy class. In addition to practicality, the gray economy-class doors are high-tech, they do not have flaws.
  2. Standard. These are models of white color environmentally friendly, do not crack and are easy to clean.
  3. Elite class. Plastic interior doors of gold color will decorate any room and complement the overall situation in the house.

How to choose a quality plastic door?

To interior plastic doors did not lose their attractiveness and served for decades, learn how to properly approach their choice. The main parts of the plastic construction are:

  • box;
  • canvas;
  • fittings.

Choosing a suitable option for residential premises, pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. The door leaf of plastic products consists of plastic and a double-glazed window, and single-chamber double-glazed windows are suitable for interior designs.
  2. Fittings.Today, traditional door handles are equipped with a variety of mechanisms that are able to fully control the structure. Without high-quality hardware, plastic doors will not meet the requirements set no matter how good the canvas you choose.
    Plastic interior doors for a private house

You should not save on comfort and buy cheap models.

What do plastic doors include

Components of plastic interior doors affect the durability, functionality and design features. When buying plastic doors, first familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the metal-plastic door unit, which includes:

  • strong canopies;
  • rack lock;
  • profiles;
  • sandwich panels or double glazing.

The presence of all components is mandatory, since they are responsible for operational terms.

Door installation

Installing interior plastic doors requires careful preparation. Before installing the product, prepare equipment, tools, and materials. To install will need:

  • perforator;
  • grinding machine:
  • hammer, nails;
  • roulette;
  • sealant and foam;
  • chisels;
  • screwdriver;
  • screwdriver.

In the photo - interior plastic doors installed between the room and the balcony.

Plastic sliding interior doors

If all the necessary tools are prepared, proceed to the installation work. Installation of plastic interior doors involves several steps:

  1. To fix the door frame, you need to hammer in the ends of a few nails. No need to drive in nails completely, because the box must be held on them.
  2. With the help of wedges of wood install the product in the doorway. This work must be done carefully so as not to damage the structure.
  3. We drill deep holes and insert dowels, screw the metal elements with a screwdriver.
  4. If the doors are positioned correctly, the remnants of the wooden wedges must be removed.
  5. All cracks are treated with foam and sealant.

Plastic interior doors will look great in any room, harmoniously emphasize the overall interior of the house. Due to the durability of the design will please the owners of the premises for many years. Plastic doors are considered the best solution even with a limited budget.

Use the above recommendations and as a result you will get a high-quality construction, having spent on its selection and installation a minimum of effort and time.

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